02 April 2014

Noonie's Art Has Finders! | Natalie + Emily |

Finder's Keepers!!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get to head to the Bay for a little day trip just to relax, and to kind of reset my soul. Of course I had to abandon some art while there. If you're not sure what I'm referring to check out these posts: |Art Abandonment| + Noonie's | Art Abandoning Adventures|.

As we went about the day I found the perfect place to abandon some Sun Prints I had made last summer. I have been slowly branching out with the locations of my art abandonment ventures, and I'm constantly on the look out for the next perfect place as I'd like to abandon my work in a variety of settings so that a variety of different people have the opportunity to come upon these abandoned works of mine.

So after a little nature walk, I thought the beginning of the trail I was on would be perfect! I had yet to abandon any work in the forest and knew it would be a fun a little surprise for whoever stumbled upon it. And indeed it was stumbled upon. Know how I know?! I got my FIRST email today from someone whose adopted my work! I've been abandoning for a couple of weeks now, but like I said this was my first email so it really was extra special to me! Up until now I've been thrilled and have enjoyed just leaving pieces for people to find and enjoy, but to actually get an email from one of these people is like icing on the already-quite-delicious cake!

Natalie with her finds! :)

I wanted to share with you the email (of course I got her permission first) I received from Natalie, who along with her friend Emily, are the new owners of the pieces I abandoned in the forest. :)


Subject: Art Abandonment!

Hi Yaz!

My friend Emily and I decide to take a stroll through the woods today when we stumbled upon your amazing gift. She made a joke as we approached it saying, "look, I left a gift here for you to find." When I looked and realized it was really a gift for me (from you) I was very excited. We love the sun prints inside and have decided to split them between both of us. We love love love it and think it's such a great idea to connect people and lovers of art...It was so inspiring to find your art, I've started thinking about doing something similar myself. I teach preschool in San Francisco and I was thinking this morning how fun it would be to abandon some of the children's art for people to find! Thanks again for making our day.

Thank you, Yaz!

How sweet right?! I couldn't be more thrilled for receiving an email, let alone one as nice as this!! :) BIG thanks to Natalie for her kind words + for her permission to share her experience!! :) I'm so glad my pieces found good homes with her and Emily!! :)

I hope to share many more of these experiences with you in the future + welcome you all to join in on the abandoning fun!! It's such an awesome experience!!

<3 Noonie

Until next time friends...Cheers!!