11 April 2014

Cheer-Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you spend much time with me you will learn that I make the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had. Now I am usually a modest gal, but when it comes to my cookies it's no holds bar!
I have been perfecting this recipe from the ripe age of 12, so in all honesty I've had some time to work out the kinks. In high-school I would bake a batch and hand them out at school. As an adult I occasionally make a batch and bring them to work, or (as is the case today) wrap them up and mail them off to friends. Today I got news that one of my buddies has been going through a rough time, in my infinite wisdom I decided I would bake him some cookies to cheer him up since I couldn't be there in person. These little guys will be mailed off tomorrow, its just too bad I couldn't send some milk to go along with them.

I've realized over the years I use baking to help people when they are down, but in doing so I make myself happier as well. There is a joy that comes with the process of creating a homemade gift, and imaging the recipients joy upon arrival. Acts of kindness do not happen often enough (myself included), can you imagine the world if we all did just a little more to help out one another? Hold the door for the person behind you, give the homeless woman your change, say 'hi' to a stranger on the street, send a random gift to your friend?
I guess my message today is simply: Spread the Love.

And so I hope that these little packages cheer up those to whom they were sent.

Here is a random TedX talk I recently watched: How to Buy Happiness

1. Pre-heat oven to 350'
2. Mix together everything except the flour + chocolate chips in a large bowl
3. Mix in the flour 1/2 cup at a time (3x 1/2 cup)
4. Stir in the chocolate
5. Bake for 12-14 minutes
6. Remove from cookie sheet + let cool
-- if you leave them on the cookie sheet to cool they will continue to cook. Only do this if you prefer a crunchier cookie

20 medium sized cookies

Check the batter before you put the chocolate chips in: if the batter is too wet throw in a tad more flour, if it is too dry add more milk or butter.

I challenge you to do something for another person, even something as small as a compliment might improve that persons day.
Until we meet again, keep watch on your mailbox!

Ready to ship