07 March 2016

Framin' Shells

It surely has been a minute since we've posted! Shame, shame lol. Will have to update more about what's been going down with yours truly later, but for now enjoy this...

When I'm not painting I love reimagining items + repurposing them into something lovely that I'll get to look at everyday. This  little creation, which I finally finished putting together is one of those. I upcycled a frame that was missing the glass, burlap, a couple of shells that I've collected, a little E6000, + some imagination. Fits right in with my oceany themed living room. That's right I said, oceany lol. 

Who needs to buy home decor when you can make it yourself?! Especially out of things you've got lying around or might otherwise throw away! What I'm trying to get at is take a look around you, I'm sure you've got a few things here + there that could use some lovin' + when combined can make something beautiful. I believe in your creativity people! That is all. 


26 September 2015

Back to the Bay

Walnut Grove

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to take a last-minute trip to the bay. I hadn't been in over two years so I was super excited for this spontaneous trip! We ended up leaving later than planned, but had a great time on the way there. 

We took the back roads and stopped by Walnut Grove, to check out this cute little town. It's one of those towns that if you blink for a second you'll drive right on through.  There honestly wasn't much to see but the old historic buildings and houses, along with the art galleries and views of the river definitely made it a worthwhile stop. 

Pacifica, Cali

Next stop on the trip was to Pacifica, to visit my friend's grandma. On the way to her house we stopped by the beach in Pacifica, which was a first for me as I had never been to Pacifica before. After our time at the beach we got to her grandma's and had dinner. By the time dinner was done it was starting to get late so we headed to the city before it got too dark to enjoy Golden Gate Park.


GGP is a must stop for me every time I go to the city, and although we didn't have much time to spend there, we had a blast nonetheless. I even got a chance to abandon a couple my Mac Dre Egg Carton Relief Prints right in the park, and to my surprise I actually received an email response from the finder of my art, which made it all the better! Such an awesome time! Only wish I would've gotten a chance to meet up with a Nelli, but time just wasn't on our side this trip. Hope to make it out there again soon for some more fun times! :) Thanks Sav for the awesome day! 

<3 Noonie

07 September 2015


Exhibit announcement...! My work is now on display at Amen Real Estate, located in Downtown Sacramento! My Rappers Series + Mac Dre relief print pieces will be on exhibit in the office for the entire month of September.

Reception will be held on the 2nd Saturday of September 9/12, from 5:30-9 pm. Refreshments + treats will be served! There will also be a free raffle for an original piece of art! 

Please feel free to invite + share with your fellow art lovers! #SupportLocalArt


29 July 2015

The past SEVEN months...

Hey folks,

It has been about 7 months since my last post [YIKES!], so I figured it was about time to give 'er a go. This has been a crazy year so far
- I got the job of my dreams
- I traveled around California, the East Coast, and Croatia
- I've had 4 different NYers come to stay with us
- Made some new friends
- Changed my diet back to being healthier :)
- and and and....

I'm not even sure where to start, but I guess a good first place is at the beginning.
In February I landed a job as a futurist; I read, research, analyze, write documents pertaining to the future of the built environment, and most importantly I learn every day.
Since I was a young girl one of my favorite things to do was learn; I spent many a recess in the library, I listened to stories from all the grown ups I knew, and I could not wait for the end of summer vacation so I could go back to school [and yes my friends thought I was a weirdo for it]. As an adult, I somehow found a way to spend 8 years pursuing college degrees. Now, since college ended, I have admittedly felt lost. This job marries all of my favorite things: learning + analyzing + spreadsheets + events + constant variation.

One of my favorite bits about this job is that no two days are the same. One day I'm researching future libraries, the next I am looking into 'past futures,' the next I might be hosting a workshop on recycling or looking at innovative siding. Whatever the topic might be, it is always fascinating.

Here is a little glimpse at a few 'futurist photos'

Urban Space

Fun + Funky Rooftop

GPS Shoes

Architectural Installation

Retro Future

P.S. There is a whole world of 'retro futures' out there if you're interested