28 April 2014

Slow Cookin' Collective

If you've read this blog before you'd know that I'm in love with my slow cooker! I am continuously trying + looking for new slow cooker recipes + I welcome you all to share your favorites with me! Just comment below! :) Anyways thought I'd put together this collective post of slow cooker friendly recipes you can find right here on BSOM...Enjoy!!


Beef Stew

This picture doesn't do this stew justice!

As I mentioned I welcome you all to share YOUR favorite slow cooker recipes!
So come on fess up...

What's your favorite slow cooker recipe?!
Comment below or shoot me over an email to bicoastalstateofmind@gmail.com! <3

 I would love to hear from you and maybe even feature your recipe right here on BSOM if you're up to it! :)