26 April 2014


Rockee Whimsy Art

If you're a regular here on BSOM you'd know I've been stayin' pretty busy creating pieces of art to abandon (never heard of Art Abandoning? check these out 1, 2, 3). This "art factory" aka myself, is about to go into overdrive after learning about yet another wonderful art movement that I can't wait to participate in! I'm talking about #ATCS, Artist Trading Cards. You read that right. I've been creating a lot of pieces on these tiny canvases which happen to be called Artist Trading Cards, as they are the perfect size to abandon. An official #ATC is only 2.5"X3.5". Like I mentioned up until now I'd only been utilizing these #ATCS to abandon, as I had no idea that artists do actually trade these among each other!!

That was until I stumbled upon the #ATC community on Instagram where it's a huge movement! Basically this is how it works...an artist creates a piece on one of these #ATCS + they swap their pieces aka their 'cards' with other artists for their pieces. Sounds pretty damn fun right?! It's pretty amazing to see some of these traders collections as they've been doing it for so long + the pieces are beautiful! You can tell people really take their time with these pieces, + the results are lovely because of it. I've noticed that a lot of the time these traders have themes for the pieces that they swap with one another, although that's not always the case.

I have yet to participate with an #ATC swap, the reason being I need to get myself a PO Box, but believe me I'll be in there swappin' with the best of them in no time! I just thought this community + art movement was so damn cool because anyone can participate, you get to connect with other artists of the world, you end up with a ton of beautiful original pieces of art from these artists of the world, + you get to share your work with other artists of the world. Definitely a win-win for everyone involved!

Pictured above are actual #ATCS created by Rockee Whimsy Art, who is an artist I found on Instagram. Lovely work right?! Well lucky for us Rockee has agreed to do an artist feature right here on BSOM! Be on the look out for her upcoming feature + be sure to go check out her Instagram page where she not only trades her work but also sells it! :)

I'll definitely keep ya updated about my #ATC adventures so be on the look out :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie

P.S. I want to know have you ever heard of Artist Trading Cards?
Or perhaps trade yourself + would like to share your experiences?
Comment below! <3