15 February 2015

Artist State of Mind: Kely Torres | The Sharpie Master |

So stoked to be publishing our very first feature of 2015! This artist's work is so badass + beautiful I couldn't be more excited to be featuring her + her work! Allow me to introduce to you...Kely, the Sharpie Master! 

Meet Kely!

BSOM: What artist do you feel has influenced or inspired you the most?

K: This is hard question since I tend to draw from all artists, but I would say that Alex and Allison Grey influence me because they are expressing love and life through their work. I would also say Frida Kahlo. Her expression through words and art helped me understand that art is a feeling and that there are more like me out in the world. Her words give me permission of sorts to explore my imagination without fear of appearing “not normal”.
My Personal Pharaoh

BSOM: What types of art do you prefer?

K: I prefer art that stops me dead in my tracks, grabs me by the throat and says LOOK at me. I prefer art from broken souls because I know that pain is a catalyst of art. There is nothing more beautiful to me than pure expression. I prefer art that is raw and not perfect. I appreciate realism but I love abstract.

BSOM: When you first began creating art, what medium did you experiment with first?

K: Pencil and Pen, that was all that I could get my hands on when I was younger.

BSOM: What is your favorite medium to use + why?

K: I use Sharpie A LOT! I love the consistency of them. They don’t bleed so I love that.

BSOM: What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't yet?

K: I would say sculpting for sure. I did a little in high school but haven’t had the opportunity since.

BSOM: How long have you been consciously creating art?

K: Tough question, I would say maybe 3 years. Before that I was just sketching and doodling. My muse Alexa came into my life and changed everything. She inspired and encouraged me to pursue art in a more expressive way. She encouraged me to let my art fall out of my brain instead of me pushing it and she encouraged me to work with surrounding energy.  

BSOM: Are you a self taught artist or did someone show you the ropes?

K: I’m a self-taught artist. I attempted a few credits with correspondence art school but I need the energy of other people around me so I quit that.  But anytime I come into contact with an artist I ask them for tips and tricks. And I do have plans on getting into school so that I can further develop technique.

BSOM: How has your work developed through the years? Where did you start? Where are you now? Where do you see your art going?/Where do you want it to go?

K: My art started when I was a kid, I was always drawing princesses and unicorns! I loved the attention I got and I just loved drawing, I also really enjoyed teaching other kids how to draw those two things! Over the years it’s developed into subconscious expression of whatever is happening inside of me. I spent a lot of time copying and trying to draw realism and then judge myself harshly only to throw away the attempt. Frustrating!! And then drawing became a meditation of sort so I began free flow style art which for me was putting the sharpie to paper with no intention, no idea of where it was going inspired through music or energy.  It is exciting to start something with no idea where it will end up! As I see it now I’d like my art to represent a faucet of the jewel of change. To maybe inspire a person to change the ugliness in the world through art, or help people express themselves through another means besides language.  The selfish part of me would like to see my art in the hands of art lovers and a million dollar production company.. but that’s not what the world needs.

BSOM: How has your art changed over time? 

K: Over time my art has become more confidant, pure and limitless. Especially since I have learned how to access and bend my imagination.

BSOM: Do you have any other creative outlets? 

K: I try to let life in general be my creative outlet.

BSOM: I love the intricate designs of your pieces! Where do you draw your inspiration from?

K: Inspiration comes through life experience whether it is pain or pleasure, although I tend to draw better from pain. Also music, I let the music take me where I need to be. I also use the energy of the person I am making art for, as they sit and talk with me I just get the vibe and express it.

BSOM: Have you ever suffered from artist block? If so how did you get past it? 

K: Yes often! Lol  I’ll have a week or two every couple of months where I have nothing. But I’ve learned to embrace those times because I know it will pass and as soon as it is gone I am full of expression! If there’s a time where I just can’t come up with anything I’ll make myself see life through a new perspective and I will dig around in my imagination and think of things completely backwards.  I’ll ask myself questions like, 'If I was a mermaid what kind of art would I be looking that in Triton's kingdom gallery?' What types of things would inspire me under the sea? What does blue smell like? What kind of way will people evolve in 10 million years….Questions even crazier! But this causes me to readjust my perspective and next thing you know I’m inspired!!

BSOM: Does your art shape you? Or do you shape your art? (just want to hear your opinion)

K: Great question! The answer is both! It’s balance if not then it feels forced.  I find that balancing the dark and the light, the good and bad, and pain and pleasure keeps my art shaped evenly. The way I shape art is by giving it life in that same way art shapes me by living through me.

BSOM: Do you create art more for yourself or for others to enjoy?

K: I create for myself with the hope that others will be moved.
BSOM: Is there a purpose to your artwork?

K: The purpose is that I don’t lose my mind lol!!
The Lizard King
 BSOM: What's your favorite subject matter?
K: Mind and spirit.

BSOM: Are you currently working on any projects? If not, do you have anything in mind for your next piece?

K: I just finished an album cover for Stone & Space an experimental hip hop group. Such a great project! Also recently finish an album cover for Julius Myth another great rapper.  My next project I want to bring more attention to social issues like human equality, wealth gap, immigration, prison reform, transgender issues and anything else that moves me. I’m also in the planning stages of a coloring book. The act of coloring is also a stress reliever and therapeutic so I’m hoping to share my art in that way as well.

BSOM: Have you sold any pieces, or would you be willing to sell any pieces?

K: I’m really horrible at selling art because it feels like it needs to be given away so that’s what usually happens! But this series I have scanned and kept everything for the coloring book I’m working on. The coloring book will be something I sell.

BSOM: What's been your favorite experience as an artist?

K: Opening my heart to art has been painful and beautiful. Allowing pain an escape has been great for me because before I didn’t know where the exit was, the pain was stuck inside and then art became the door. So coming to that understanding has been my favorite experience because it changed my entire life.
Pencil case Kely desgined with one of her masterpieces on it! 
Available for purchase on her ArtOfWhere site (link below!)

BSOM: Do you have a favorite art gallery?

K: No, I wish I did. 

 BSOM: Which social network has been the most successful for promoting your art? 

K: Instagram has been the best for me. It’s easy to reach the people looking for my style art by using hashtags.
Making Connections

BSOM: If you could only look at one piece of art for the rest of your life, what piece would it be?

K: The Earth.

Artist at work!

BSOM: Any advice for fellow artists?

K: Be true to yourself in art. Express the things that you feel. Most importantly work through mistakes to see what happens, too many times I’ve thrown out a piece or gave up because I “messed up”  now I work through and watch it become what it needs to be.

Check out the links below to see even more of this talented artist's work!


BIG thanks + shout out to Kely for her contribution to BSOM!!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie