The adventures of Nelli + Noonie began in the summer of 1998 in Herald, CA (population 900) aka Small Town USA. Many things have come and gone, but our friendship has remained. Over the years we have had many adventures from: mischievousness at "The House of Sin", "Swerve-Swerve" on excursions in San Francisco, "The Blonde Bitches of Roseville," and so many more good times!

The name Bicoastal State of Mind (BSOM) came from our physical geography at the time. After highschool Noonie moved to Sacramento + Nelli to New York City. No matter the distance between us we are bound together through our small town roots. This blog was fabricated as a creative outlet for us both personally + publicly. We are seeking to rekindle our passion for art, love of food, desire for urban adventures+ the randomness that is life
Here is to carving out our own unique niches in the universe!
*Update: Nelli has recently relocated to San Francisco, and although we are on the same coast now, we have no intention of changing the name of our blog.
History fiend, Political addict, Travel junkie, Planner enthusiast, Food + Wine Lover!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Nelli, your stereotypical red-head: feisty, unique, quirky, awesome! 
But really... I'm a pretty modest gal. 
I recently relocated to San Francisco, after spending 5.5 years in New York City.
I want to change the world one street, block, neighborhood, city at a time. I am an Urban Planner by trade + curious by life. I love spending time in cities getting to know their unique opportunities, intricate details, and inspiring populations. 
One of my favorite ways to get to know a place is to befriend a local. I love to chat + meet new people, hearing their stories is one of the most inspiring, intimate, and informative experiences I can envision. 
So, befriend that person in the corner, chat up the barista, introduce yourself at parties, for you never know who will be part of your future.

Spirit Animal: Armadillo

Favorite TV Show: House of Cards + Downtown Abbey + Scandal
Dream City: If Zagreb + Barcelona + Chicago had a baby...    Zagchilona
Guilty pleasure: Ice Cream + Taco Bell + Baked Goods + Liquorice + Cashews
Favorite Pastime: Listening to people's life stories.
Hobby: People Watching + Walking around SF + Baking + New Restaurants
Hero: Scarlett
Favorite Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda


Hi friends! I'm Noonie. This is my first blog ever, a suggestion of Nelli's. This blog came to be as Nelli + I both needed an excuse/inspiration to create + this blog was meant to be used as a template to record our creativity + our life adventures. I am an artist + I really enjoy connecting with other artists of the world, which is why you’ll find plenty of art related content right here on BSOM. Whether I’m sharing my own work or the work of other artists I hope to inspire creativity, + appreciation for all types of works which is one reason we started guest features aka ‘Blogorations’ (blog collaborations). We are quite proud of these features which cover the topics of this blog from Art, to Urban + Food. As Nelli mentioned we are located in different cities + we are both proud to represent our perspective cities + states, which is why you'll also find me blogging away about any and all things respective of California. Prior to the creation of this blog I didn't step out of my comfort zone much in the kitchen, but this blog has inspired me to experiment more by trying new recipes + such. I am no different than many of you out there, but this blog is my little contribution to both all you fine folks out there + to myself. Enjoy! <3

Spirit Animal: 

Favorite Movie
Dream City: In CA it would be Venice Beach or Santa Cruz. Anywhere in the world I'd have to say...Amsterdam or any small tropical island would do.
Guilty pleasure: Dessert. Duh.
Favorite Pastime: Creating, inspiring, learning, trying new things
Hobby: See above.
Hero: Anyone who doesn't give up + keeps a good attitude, no matter what's trying to push them down.
Favorite Quote: "Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.” - Banksy

We are as different as they come; but that's our glue!

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