10 April 2014

Hangin' with Mother Nature


A really good friend of mine is majoring in Ecology, so of course she has to do a lot of field work and studies. This is what lead to her inviting me out on a field study with her this past weekend! I love being in nature and will definitely go enjoy it anytime I have the opportunity to do so. There's just something so relaxing to me about hangin with Mother Nature I truly, truly enjoy it. Especially creating art out in nature, doesn't get much better than that, at least in my book.

We headed to a local nature preserve by the name of the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, which happens to be not too far from my house. We arrived to the preserve early in the morning to avoid the afternoon crowd of people, and started out on a little nature walk along one of the many trails that's at this particular preserve (fyi: the trails are easy to walk) I should mention I had never been to this preserve before, but I was very impressed by it! 

|Art at the visitors center| 
I really liked this metal piece!! 

There's an awesome little visitors center that has live wildlife (birds) and if you're lucky (as we were) you'll even get to see them being fed dead mice! There was also a ton of little activities for kids to do in the center. It was actually kind of nice to see kids interacting and enjoy nature-esque activities that didn't include technology. 

Love how the artist pulled inspiration directly from the landscape! Makes me want to create my own piece of art that incorporates something I pull directly from nature.

You can tell the preserve is very well maintained, and not only that but it's HUGE! There are a ton of trails and the American River flows right by many of them. We saw a ton of different wildlife and signs of big wildlife along our walk. Wanted to share some pictures I snapped while out on this adventure! 


'The Path of Life'

Vulture sighting!

There were these huge black butterflies that had incredible blue and orange markings all over the place! Don't think I've ever seen so many butterflies in one area! 

It's hard to tell from this photo but there's a Woodpecker up in this tree on the top right branch! 

Spotted a family of deers, which included a fawn! 

Enjoying scenes from the river! 

I guess I wasn't the only one out doing art at the preserve! Caught a glimpse of this painter enjoying his craft and soaking up the scenery! This is the second time in 2 weeks I've seen an artist out and about in nature creating art! I guess the beauty of Spring is calling to all of us artists! As well as none artists! There was a children's birthday party going on and the  parking lot was packed when we left! Good thing we got there early! 

Even if you don't have a preserve near your house, I highly suggest you make a conscious effort to go out and enjoy Mother Nature's beauty in anyway you can! Spring is here (at least in CA) and it's callin your name! Whether you go visit a local park or take a little drive somewhere you don't have to go far to simply enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. I highly suggest you go early in the morning if you really want a peaceful adventure without all the noise of others. That is all. :) 

Until next time friends...Cheers!

<3 Noonie