17 April 2014

Live cultures

I am always on the look out for foods that are good to help with digestion and to promote good bacteria in the gut. I learned a few months ago that sweet potatoes are good for digestion, as well as carrots and some other root veggies, and have made a conscious effort to include more of them into my diet, as can be seen here.

As for the good bacteria part this can be achieved many ways, but one of my favorite and most delicious forms is through 'live culture yogurt.' Now I know probiotics are all the rage and are easier for the masses to come across, but I like to get mine through all natural yogurts. If you have the opportunity to get some goat or sheeps milk yogurt straight from the farm do so, you will not regret it. I have settled for my local health food market at 46th + Broadway in Astoria which has a wide variety of options, todays 2 were Erivan and Old Chatham. I eat the live culture yogurts about once a month or so just to help balance my body and also because they taste good and sometimes.... I miss eating dairy products. I mean, its not that I do not eat them but I don't eat them often, so having yogurt is my little treat.

The Erivan yogurt I have been eating for a little over a year now. Upon your first time you will notice that it does not look like the typical grocery store yogurt. It has a thin layer of liquid on the top, simply put your spoon in and stir so it all blends together. Also, its a bit more sour than typical yogurt. I can imagine this might be a little off-putting the first time but you'll have to trust me that the benefits are worth it and you'll quickly grow to love the flavor.

This was my first time trying Old Chatham yogurt, and my first time trying sheep's yogurt; and all I can say is it will not be my last. It was delicious, and if you're a fan of other sheep's milk products I am sure you'll enjoy this one too. Plus, the lid + little black sheep are adorable editions!

Until we meet again,

Un-homogenized Cow's Milk Yogurt + Active Cultures
Sheep's Milk Yogurt