31 December 2014

2015 New Years Resolutions

- Health + Wellness
2014 was the demise of my healthy eating, for 2015 I will return full force!
Running, Eating NO GMOs, The end of Binge eating, + keeping only healthy snacks around
- Friends + Relationships
Moving to a new city has had me frazzled for the past few months, this year I will be improving my relationship with the Man-Friend + harvesting those relationships here in SF, in addition to incorporating new individuals I look forward to meeting :)
- Photography, Style, + Art
Last year, one of my New Years Resolutions was to take a photograph a day; + while I did not fulfill this in 2014, I figured lets give it another shot in 2015!
- Travel, Travel, Travel
like almost every other year I want to travel to new + old places this year, experience new things + meet fabulous people
- Career
Get my career going again, meet people, mingle, schmooze, and talk talk talk
- Passion!!!
Find my passion again

This is a time not only to prepare for the future, but also to reflect on the past.

REFLECT: 2014 was a year full of conflict, the good, the bad, the ugly.
- Reunited with my love
- Graduated with my Masters Degree
- Traveled to Europe
- Traveled to some of my most desirable USA locations
- Moved cross country
- Made fabulous new friends

- Moved cross country
- Starting my life over
- Lack of drive to improve

2013 was an awful year, 2014 was confusing but ramping up, + 2015 is going to be full of wonderment! The game is on + I cannot wait to meet you 2015!

- Nelli

28 December 2014

Bona Fide Artist

As Nelli mentioned a few posts back we've both been blog slackin', our bad. Life has been crazy the past few months for me, between preparing for my first art show + Christmas, the time has just been flying by! But it's definitely a good thing, as I've been spending my time gettin' shit done + it's been paying off! 

My first art show was a total success!  I got lots of exposure + positive feedback on my work, sold my 2nd + 3rd pieces ever, met some awesome fellow artists, my honey bought me my very first original painting from one of these talented people (pic below!), + I was surrounded by my closest friends who came out to support me! I mean it doesn't get much better than that for a first art show or any art show for that matter! I'm beyond thankful that I was given the opportunity to participate in the show + to be grouped with so much talent...it was a true honor + dream come true for me! I guess I can call myself a bona fide artist now  Thank you again to all of my family + friends for your support + for believing in me + my art! It truly means so much to me! 

25 December 2014

XMAS 2014

Noonie's Homemade Xmas Card

Merry Merry Christmas friends!! 

Wishing you + yours a very special holiday!!
 Enjoy these times with your family + friends!! These are the moments!! 

<3 Nelli + Noonie

22 December 2014

Urban State of Mind | Jeremy's Journeys

San Francisco
I've had a blast this past year putting together features for all of you fine folks to enjoy! They've given me the opportunity to meet new people + to get to know those I do know a little better. The later is the case with today's feature!

Allow me to introduce to you....Jeremy! He is in fact Nelli's boo, but Nelli wanted me to be the one who interviewed him because:
1) She wanted us to get to know each other more intimately
2) I'm the 'feature lady' at BSOM. 
So, Jer + I came together to bring you this lovely Urban Feature all about his worldwide travels!

Meet Jeremy!

18 December 2014

Noonie's | Paint Splattered Ornaments |

I first learned how to make paint splattered ornaments when I was in 6th grade, but hadn't made once since, that is up until last year. I meant to share this DIY tutorial then, but alas I ran out of time + had to make them quickly so I took no pictures! This year I made sure I'd have enough time + I'm so excited to finally share this fun, easy to do project!

16 December 2014


Happy Tuesday friends! Wanted to share this photo I snapped a few months back after one of our very first rainstorms here in Sacramento, Cali. Enjoy!

<3 Noonie

11 December 2014

Life, Love, Travel + Prosperity

Hey folks!

As you may have noticed Noonie + I have been slacking lately, but its because we're both forging our way through this world as strong independent ladies!

As for me, I've been trying to find my passions + what it is that drives me to more (and of course change the world!).
I spent the evening in Sausalito last night at the Sister Cities holiday party!
The Not-for-profit program is run by 6 women, and a plethora of other women who are involved as volunteers, organizers, and advocates.
It was amazing to be around their energy. These women are so successful, powerful, and accomplished that you cannot help but leave them full of energy and dreams for your future!

I have been completely re-charged and inspired to strive for my next mission in life, to forge my path, support other women, + do good in this life.

As I look for my City Planning career path I am reminded of the elaborate list of other goals I have to accomplish including:
Supporting Women
Research + Writing
Getting Involved
Inspiring Others
Food Systems
Preservation of Resources + Structures

I am so grateful to have a sudo-aunt who believes in me, who supports me, and who is taking me under her wing to teach me all of the traits necessary for my adventures. 
I am grateful for all the women who came before me, who lead the way for me to be anything I want to be, to pursue my passions, and to offer advice along the way.

We need to stand up, and stand together, and never underestimate the power of unity!

I love you all!

Be Strong, Be Powerful, + Have Fun Doing It!