31 August 2013

Arab Breakfast 101: Grandma's Fried Eggs, Hummus + Ful

Breakfast is served!
For those of you that don't know me, I'm 1/2 Arab. Yep born in Jordan, raised over here since I was a kid although there were a few times we went back to the "old country" and lived for a couple years. I attended 1st & 2nd grade in Jordan at a private school where my mom was also a teacher. I knew Arabic when I was a kid living there, but as soon as we came back I unfortunately forgot almost all of it.

Although I was raised here I have always eaten Arabic food. My parents are divorced but my mom loved Arabic food so she would cook about 1-2 Arabic meals a week. Although she doesn't have an Arab bone in her body she learned how to cook when we lived over seas and her Arabic food tastes just as good as my dad's cooking (my dad is full Arab). One of my favorite Arabic meals my dad makes is his breakfast, which consists of fried eggs (he cooks them a special way), hummus and ful (pronounced fool) served with Pita bread and hot tea. You know we Arabs love our hot tea.

What makes my dad's cooking so special is that he never spices anything the same way each time he makes it. It's always about the same, but my dad loves to experiment in the kitchen and likes to add new things here and there, which keeps things interesting. Now these fried eggs of his are the same type his grandma would make for him when he was growing up. What makes them so special you ask?? Well here it is.

Grandma's Fried Eggs


*Frying Pan
* Eggs (Duh)
*Vegetable Oil 
*Salt & Pepper


1) Heat about 3 Tablespoons of oil in the pan, add about 4-5 Tablespoons of flour, stir.
You want the flour to get brown, but be sure not to let it burn.

2) Once the oil is warm add your eggs.
While the eggs are cooking, spoon the flour/oil on top of the eggs and add your S & P. Continue spooning the hot flour/oil mix on top the eggs while they are cooking until the eggs are cooked to your liking.

Do not flip the eggs while they are cooking.

Serve with Pita bread and enjoy! :)

Of course these eggs are good on the own, but for that traditional Arab goodness pair with hummus & ful. There are plenty of recipes online for good hummus and ful so I won't go into detail about those. But my dad's typical hummus is made with canned hummus, which he adds plain yogurt, lemon juice, salt, and Tahini with Cumin sprinkled on top. His typical ful is made from warmed Fava beans which are mashed, and he adds olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. He also tops both his hummus and ful with a green spicy sauce which he makes out of jalapenos as well as other ingredients (sorry for the ambiguity but alas I can't give up the recipe for the green sauce) just know that it's good ;)  

My dad loves tomatoes so he occasionally serves some slice tomatoes at breakfast. Of course not just any ol' sliced tomatoes, sometimes he fries them, but he always tops them with feta cheese or blue cheese and serves them with olives. Pretty delish!! 

My dad's tomato concoction

I'm so very glad my dad has taught me how to make these delicious Arabic dishes that I love! I know he won't always be around, as are none of us, so it's nice to learn about these old family traditions while I'm still able to. 

Take advantage & seize the day! It's so important to learn your families traditions while you still can, because one day the few people who know them may not be around anymore + your family traditions will be gone with them.

Until next time...Cheers!

<3 Noonie

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