18 April 2014

Zombie Art

I truly believe inspiration can be found anywhere, if one only uses a little imagination. Hell that's how most of the things we see and use everyday were created to begin with. Being that I am an artist my imagination is quite vast and deep, sometimes scary deep, to be honest. However, I am very thankful and grateful to have the imagination I have, as it awards me many inspiring ideas, and crazy dreams for that matter. The point I'm trying to make here is this: yes it's important to see the big picture, but it's just as important to not overlook the minute details, and to not just see something for what it is, as you just might come upon your next new bit of inspiration. 

Now that I've gotten off my soap box, lets get to the fun part, putting these ideas in use! To illustrate my point I wanted to share this little treasure of mine that was inspired by simply looking at something not just for what it is, but what it could be, merely by looking at it with different lenses.

One person might've seen the above item as garbage as it had already served it's function which was to hold a candy bar. I saw it as a really cool unique piece of art and that's exactly what it became, an upcycled piece of art. (Hence the title of this blog, the box came back to life to become a piece of art :)) For those of you who have never heard of upcycling just check out the DIY on Pinterest (or the Upcycled Notepad I posted here on BSOM), most of these projects contain upcycled materials, which are just materials that were once used for a certain function, are upcycled to be used for an entirely new function, thus avoiding the garbage can. I mean it really doesn't get much better than upcycling! You get a neat unique item out of it and you avoid contributing to landfills, thus making Mother Nature pretty damn happy too, everybody wins! 

Anyways here's what I did, as most of it is self explanatory I'm not going to go too much into detail.

Got my supplies all set! 
You may not have a candy bar box on hand, but that only exemplifies my point! Look around, change your lenses and I'm sure you'll find something laying around that could be turned into some pretty art, and if not pretty at least interesting. 
Conversation starter anyone?

Goes perfect with my ocean themed dining room :)

I hope this has inspired you to look at things a little differently whether it's the "garage' that you're about to throw away, or even being inspired by those pretty tiles you noticed out at dinner last night, don't overlook those details! As Nelli always says "the devil is in the details", and to that I will add "and so is the inspiration"!

Until next time friends...Cheers!! 

<3 Noonie

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