24 April 2014

Noonie's | Artist Goals |

I feel like I've been in such an art frenzy lately, which is definitely not a bad thing. I have for some time immersed myself pretty deeply into my art + anything art related. But lately I feel like I've dove even deeper than before. Art is almost all I've been thinking about all hours of the day, I even had a dream I was painting a piece the other night. I woke up craving to create. But hey I definitely ain't complainin'.

This new found depth into the art world hasn't only meant a creating frenzy in the present, but it also has me writing down my 'Artist Goals' for the future. One of those goals being to have some prints made of my work. I had been considering having prints made for a little bit of a time, I hadn't mentioned it to anyone + out of the blue a friend of mine told me "you should make prints of your work to sell". Her comment is what put the steam behind the idea of having prints made + so it is on my Artist Goals list. I found this really good article for artists just starting out in the 'printing world' that I wanted to share. Now I just need to do a little research as to where I'll have my prints made up. What else is on my artist goals list you ask?

Why selling these prints of course! I love the idea of prints because I can keep the original piece if I want, but other people still get to enjoy the fruits of my labor via a print. There's a little something called 2nd Saturday which is held in Downtown Sacramento monthly. Although this art event is held year round, the warm weather is upon us here in California which means even more people will be out walking the Downtown area admiring all sorts of artwork + vendors every 2nd Saturday. I mention this event as I think it'd be the perfect venue for me to go sell these prints of mine! There are a ton of local artists + all kinds of vendors + galleries that participate in this event and I would just love to rub elbows with them all!

Plan of Action: Get prints made + get my work out there for more people to see!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie

P.S. I want to know...
Do you have an "Artist Goals" list? If so what's on it?
Comment below! :)