12 April 2014

Forgive Me Father for I Have Sinned | Part III

As the name implies this is my 3rd confessions post, here are my first few in case you missed them: 1 + 2. If you're new to BSOM let me explain. A while back I was inspired by Sarah, the author of the blog  Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. She does these really fun 'confession' posts where she "unloads silly things she's been thinking about". I liked her confession blogs so much, I've started doing them myself occasionally, which brings us back up to speed.

These are my confessions...
(Did anyone else think of that Usher song when you read that line?!)


* I'm one of those 'start cleaning when I'm pissed' kind of people. There's just something therapeutic about washing dishes, or cleaning a room when I'm angry. I guess because it helps focus my energy on something other than being in a bad mood. I highly suggest you try it, unless of course you're the kind of person who might end up throwing those dishes in anger instead of washing them.


* I'm SO excited Spring is finally here and Summer is on it's way! Not just because of the pretty flowers and bright colors that the seasons bring but because cold weather really affects my body in a negative way, inflaming my ailments which equals more pain! Definitely not a fun thing. It is a constant fight trying to keep my pain under wraps, and warm weather definitely helps with this. Thank God Cali weather isn't extreme otherwise I'd probably have to move to Florida or something.

* I hate hate hate confrontation. Like I would rather be punched in the gut than have to confront someone. I'm sure a lot of us feel this way, but it's just something I've always been afraid of. Hopefully one day I'll grow out of it.


* Not to get too religious on ya, but I definitely believe in reincarnation. Nelli and I were just talking about reincarnation and about whether she believed in it the other day. Pretty interesting stuff.


* Most of you know I am an artist, and I love to create bright and cheery pieces, as well as some darker works. However I wanted to confess that most of my 'darker pieces' have been created when I'm in a good mood and feeling chipper, as oppose to being in a 'darker mood'. When I'm feeling down in the dumps I confess I like to create bright and chipper works, as not only does it often cheer me up, but I think to myself 'hey I feel like shit, maybe I can make someone else feel happy with this cheery piece'. Kinda funny huh?

Until next time friends...Cheers!
<3 Noonie

 I'd love to hear your confessions! 
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