29 June 2015

Cafe Colonial Exhibit!

Hey friends! Totally forgot to post this earlier but I have an art exhibit currently going down at Cafe Colonial, which is located here in Sacramento, for another week or so! Super stoked to be showing my work with some awesome local artists, including Mark Fox! An artist I've mentioned a few times here on BSOM! :) Go grab yourself a cold one and check it out! 


<3 Noonie 

03 June 2015

Roller Coaster

There are always ups + downs in life, but this past week there were definitely a lot of downs. But let's focus on the positive, shall we? :) I've managed to stick to my 1 post a week goal on here, + I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so, lol. There's just so much going on lately it's been hard to stay focused. 

Got a chance to hang out with my artist friend the other day, we caught up + did some painting. Just what I needed. Like I mentioned last week I haven't done much art in the past month + a 1/2, so it felt really good to pick up a paint brush + do my thang for a minute. Although I haven't done much art lately, I have put my creative juices into experimenting with my Instax Mini camera. Love using this camera as the photos print instantly + the fact that you really never know what the photo is going to turn out like when it does print. Decided to start a new photo series titled Persepctive + Angles, utilizing my Instax + thought I'd share what I've got so far for the series :)  

Until next week, Cheers!
<3 Noonie