19 March 2014

|Art Abandonment|

Has anyone else heard of the 'Art Abandonment Group'?! Well apparently I've been living under a rock, as I just found out about this awesome art movement. The other day I was perusing the Internet for new blogs to follow and I randomly stumbled upon a little something called the Art Abandonment Group who are behind an art movement which involves sharing their art with their world in a kind of unconventional way (which is the only way to do things in my book).

We've all done little doodles on napkins or table mats while waiting for our food while at a restaurant, typically most of us don't take these little snippets of art with us, leaving them behind. This is pretty much the idea behind the Art Abandonment Movement, but it takes it even a couple steps further. The artists involved with this movement intentionally leave little pieces of their art behind for others to find, often with a little note attached explaining that the piece of work is for whomever finds it + likes it, they also include their contact info such as an email address, so that the finder may contact the artist and let them know where their piece of work ended up. I found this idea to be oh so very intriguing which is why I'm planning on joining the Art Abandonment Group! I'm so down for the idea of spreading some art love around and can't wait to see what becomes of it. I bought some 'Artist Trading Cards' (basically just baseball card sized canvases) a while back and I think they'll be perfect for this. Seeing as this blog is Bicoastal I thought it would be fun to send Nelli a few little pieces of my art so she can go abandon them for me all around New York! Sounds fun right?!

Definitely will keep you all informed about my art abandonment journey!

Please go check out the Art Abandonment Group's  site + Facebook for more info + pictures of works that have been abandoned all over the world! :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

P.S. Seriously, I want to know have you heard of the Art Abandonment Group before?? Or maybe even have participated in this project in some way (either leaving/finding works)?? 
I'd love to know, comment below! <3