29 July 2015

The past SEVEN months...

Hey folks,

It has been about 7 months since my last post [YIKES!], so I figured it was about time to give 'er a go. This has been a crazy year so far
- I got the job of my dreams
- I traveled around California, the East Coast, and Croatia
- I've had 4 different NYers come to stay with us
- Made some new friends
- Changed my diet back to being healthier :)
- and and and....

I'm not even sure where to start, but I guess a good first place is at the beginning.
In February I landed a job as a futurist; I read, research, analyze, write documents pertaining to the future of the built environment, and most importantly I learn every day.
Since I was a young girl one of my favorite things to do was learn; I spent many a recess in the library, I listened to stories from all the grown ups I knew, and I could not wait for the end of summer vacation so I could go back to school [and yes my friends thought I was a weirdo for it]. As an adult, I somehow found a way to spend 8 years pursuing college degrees. Now, since college ended, I have admittedly felt lost. This job marries all of my favorite things: learning + analyzing + spreadsheets + events + constant variation.

One of my favorite bits about this job is that no two days are the same. One day I'm researching future libraries, the next I am looking into 'past futures,' the next I might be hosting a workshop on recycling or looking at innovative siding. Whatever the topic might be, it is always fascinating.

Here is a little glimpse at a few 'futurist photos'

Urban Space

Fun + Funky Rooftop

GPS Shoes

Architectural Installation

Retro Future

P.S. There is a whole world of 'retro futures' out there if you're interested

27 July 2015

Livin' the Dream

Mac Dre Egg Carton Relief Print + 
chain on canvas 

Had a good run at both Cafe Colonial + The Paint Chip...! And now my art is back home with me, minus this piece which sold at The Paint Chip! Always such an awesome feeling to sell a piece...! To know that someone actually likes my work enough to spend their hard earned money on it means the world to me! So thank you Miss lady at The Paint Chip for supporting my dreams! This bad boy is going to be heading to Seattle as the chica who bought it is sending it to her brother as a gift! Super grateful, blessed + stoked! 

Next up...my HIP HOP Art Show! Going down next month at Amen Real Estate, located in Downtown Sacramento. My Rappers Series + Mac Dre relief print pieces will be on display for this solo month long exhibit. Artist reception to be held on 9/12, time to be announced. 

Cali State Fair 2015

One of my all time favorite things to do in the Summer is to head out to the California State Fair, which is held every July here in Sacramento. I missed out on it last year, which made attending this year that much more exciting! It was me and my honey's first time going to the fair together, and of course we had a blast!

The very first thing we did was head to the exhibition buildings to check out the art! Admiring the works from artists all over Cali is my favorite part about the fair! This year was no different! There were so many amazing pieces + inspiration to be seen, here are a few of my favorites....!

After checking out the art we walked the grounds taking it all in. I seriously feel like a kid when I'm at the fair, just ask my honey...! I was pullin him around, so excited to see everything! Definitely an amazing + memorable day at the fair! 

Until next time, Cheers!
<3 Noonie 

07 July 2015

The Paint Chip Show!

New exhibit to announce...! Going to be having a solo exhibit at The Paint Chip, an art supply store shop that's located in Davis, Cali. Super stoked for my first show in Davis! I lived there for years when I was growing up, so it holds a lot of great memories. 

Going to be exhibiting some new bright, bold abstracts for this 2 week show! The opening reception is being held on Friday July 10th from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm. There will be refreshments and a few other goodies to snack on while you check out some art. My opening reception is one of many things happening art wise in Davis that night, as every 2nd Friday Davis holds an artwalk! So there will be lots of art to enjoy :) Hope to see ya there! 

<3 Noonie

P.S. My art is still up at the Cafe Colonial for a little while longer! If you want to see my latest "Rappers Series" pieces + my newest California Flag piece that's the only place you can currently view them, as I haven't shared any pics of them online 😆