25 January 2014

Artist State of Mind: Joe the Metal Sign Maker

The idea has turned into reality, and I couldn't be more excited to present to you our first featured artist! If you missed out on my blog from last week it goes into further detail about these artist features..you best go check it here!! I'm so proud of our little ol' blog and I'm pumped to introduce you to a variety of "artists"! (if you read my previous blog you'll know why that's quoted).

From their inspirations, to how they deal with artist block, get ready to jump into the minds of artists of all levels and skills! Okay ready..set..GO!
Meet my friend, Joe...
Joe and his kids

His work...
Yard Art :)

His tools...
The wood template he uses to make these signs

"Where the magic happens"

The Process
When Joe made his first "Art" sign, he started out by sketching out the word on a piece of sheet metal. He then cut it out, along with a stake for the sign, with his new Plasma Cutter. He liked how it looked, but knew he wanted a more consistent look that was easier to cut out. That's where the wood template came in. 

Once he got the consistent look he was going for he began to make the sign you see above. To assemble the sign he used a welder to attach the word and the stake.

BSOM: Where the heck did you use a welder, and how long have you been welding for?

Joe: "I have a welder at home, and have been trying to weld for about 5 years. (I'm getting better now)

Once Joe had his sign assembled he painted it with Rustoleum, which he learned from trial and error was a must.

Joe: "Most I painted, but I did one natural it's rusting now. The next ones I want to powdercoat". 

A Few More Questions
BSOM: Why did you chose to cut out the word "Art"? Is there some significance?

Joe: "It's the word ART, and it's in your yard, therefore you have yard ART".

BSOM: Have you ever done any other type of art? Do you have any other creative outlets? 

Joe: "No not really (into) any other types of art. I am not that creative. I do like working with my hands which is why I play with R/C (radio controlled) helicopters, and why I like working on cars."
(He has 3 Classic cars that keep him busy)

Joe's other hobbies

Big thanks and shout out to Joe for his contribution to this blog!!

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