05 April 2014

Zombie Jars

Swooped this pic of Nelli's jar collection from her jar post ;)

If you're a regular here on BSOM you'd know that both Nelli and I are pretty Eco-friendly conscious kinda girls. For this reason we both try to upcycle items that would otherwise be thrown away. A lot of these items are things that I'm sure many of you may be guilty of throwing away, specifically glass jars. You know the ones that your spaghetti sauce, or apple sauce come in? These bad boys definitely have a shelf life longer than just being the packaging for the product it contains. Nelli has written about what she does with her glass jars once they have served their original purpose, you can read that here. I've also written a couple of DIY upcycling blogs, which will be posting soon so be on the look out! Psst there's one posting tomorrow ;)

I decided I wanted to throw in my 2 cents on the topic of glass jars and so here we are. Below are just a couple of ways that I upcycle my glass jars, aka bring them back to life! Hence the name of this post. In fact from here on out all of my upcycled projects will now be referred to as my Zombie projects. (bbraaiinsss LOL)

* For my art projects!
Whether I use a jar to hold my paint water, or to even hold my paint brushes it's pretty damn handy to have one (or five) around. Hell even the jar could become a piece of art itself with just a little imagination.

* To organize my desk/studio/tools!
A glass jar makes the perfect supplies holder! Whether you fill it with office supplies or use it to organize all those different nails + screws that may be scattered about.

* Decor!
Like I mentioned you could decorate your glass jar, + display your collection of sea shells or other fragile keepsakes. It would also make a great vase for flowers.

* Food container or drinking glass!
Nelli already mentioned how she stores her food in these jars, and to that I'll add glass jars are perfect for candy too! (Who needs a candy bowl! everyone has one of those, but few have a candy jar ;)) 
These bad boys also make great drinking glasses as they are. If you really want to get fancy there are all kinds of DIY projects around that can show you how to cut glass at home to turn jars/bottles into actual drinking glasses, I found this pretty good one after a quick search online (although I haven't tried it myself yet!).

* Gift it! 
This kind of goes with the above idea, but...
A candy filled jar makes a great balloon weight! I remember an elementary school friend of mine once gave me some balloons for my birthday with a glass jar filled with my favorite candy to weigh down the balloons. Awesome idea!

* Critter catcher!
I know from personal experience that a loose lizard in your house will be very cooperative if you have a glass jar on hand to stick him into so you can put him back outside where he belongs! (Of course you'll want to poke holes in the lid before you do this!)
If you don't happen to have the lizard problem, but you do have a kid problem (that was a joke people relax), I'm sure a glass jar would be perfect for them to go catch any little critters that they happen upon.

I hope this has inspired you to look at those glass jars a little differently next time you're about to toss one! :) It's all about changing those lenses of yours, something that I think can be applied to many facets of life, and not just your "garbage".

Until next time friends...Cheers!

<3 Noonie