05 March 2015

Artist Receptions 101

I was rather surprised at the lack of results I got when I searched the net on how to prepare for my very first artist reception. I found bits of useful information here + there, but there wasn't a one stop shop that provided everything I needed to know in order to have a successful artist reception. So I thought I'd taken it upon myself to fill this gap, as I'm sure there are plenty of other artists out there who have experienced this same issue. As you may have read here, my first artist reception was a hit because I was properly prepared, + I want you to experience the same success! Below you'll find my list of things you'll need, along with a few tips...enjoy!

Artist Reception Necessities 101

* Music: You know, to liven up the event!

- Good ol' Pandora on your cell phone + a little speaker works great! Of course an iPod works just fine too! Be sure to remember a charger if you're going this route!

* Promotion: You know, so people are aware of the event!

- This one goes without saying, but I thought I'd better cover it anyways. If you want a good turn out you'll need to let people know about your event! This can be done via social media, a Craigslist ad or other sites where local happenings are posted. Flyers are also a great way to get the word out! Especially if you go pass them out to businesses that are near the reception venue! 

* Display Table: You know for all your little goodies!

- You'll need a table to display your business cards, artist bio or statement, guest list sign in, raffle bowl (if applicable) + any other little things you are selling.You may want to use a table cloth, + you'll definitely want to spruce up your table up a bit with a few decor pieces, like maybe a vase with flowers, or even just a few candles looks great!

* Food + Drink Table: You know for all your little treats n' things!

- You'll definitely want to serve a few little something or others + something to wash it all down with! 'Typical' reception food consists of a cheese, crackers + some kind of meat platter + fruit. But get creative! For my reception I served cheese, crackers + salami, as well as homemade cake pops + these cute little palette cookies. Looking back, I did go a little overboard with the cake pops, but it was my first reception + it was Valentine's Day so I can justify it (lol). To drink I served pink lemonade + sparkling grape juice. Although at a 'typical' reception usually an alcoholic beverage (like wine) is served along with some sort of juice or coffee/tea. 

Of course you'll need a few other things like: plates, napkins, cups, toothpicks, serving trays/plates, drink dispenser, ice bucket, ice, + of course a nice table cloth + a little decor, to tie it all together.

+ Name Tag: You know in case people need to find you!

Viewers of your art may have questions for you, the artist, so they need to be able to spot you in a crowded room. I myself wasn't too keen on the whole name tag thing, so in order to avoid having to wear one I just made sure I included a picture of myself on my artist bio; which I had framed + on exhibit on my 'display table'.

Now to take this a step further, go ahead + welcome/approach people who are viewing your art. A simple 'Hi I'm _____, the artist. If you have any questions just let me know' is a great way to connect to your viewers + helps them put a face to the art, without being too pushy.

Well, I think that pretty much sums it all up. I hope this post was of some use to all you artists out there! I will be posting similar blogs sometime in the near future for how to prepare for your first art show + outdoor art sale event, so be on the look out! + If you have any tips or tricks of your own on how to prepare for your first artist reception please comment + share them below!

Until next time friends...Cheers!

<3 Noonie