15 April 2014

| Drowning Time in Surrealism |

I've recently made an Instagram page solely for my art. Although I do share some of my work right here on BSOM and my private Facebook page, there are few avenues by which someone would be able to come across my work, which is why I decided to start my own InstaArt page as I'd like to share my work with a bigger audience. 

Although I do follow a ton of artists on my private page, I have found a whole bunch of new artists to follow on my art page, and have been thoroughly inspired and impressed by all the works I have seen. These pieces have inspired me in many ways, and have pushed me to want to try new styles/mediums etc. I already have a pretty big drive to try new things with my art, and have been experimenting a ton with new mediums and such. But all the inspiration I have found on Instagram has really pushed me to want to try different styles, including Surrealism.

I've always been fascinated by Surrealism, which was further fueled by an Art History course a took a couple of years back. Although I truly love Surrealism I had never tried my hand at it. My biggest challenge I had with creating a surrealist piece was where to even begin?! It's a lot harder to bring reality and the dream world together than what I had ever thought. I mean I can do a realistic piece, and I can do a dreamy piece but I had never combined the two, that it until now.

Like I said the biggest challenge for me was to combine reality and the dream world, but I happily stumbled upon my idea for a Surrealist piece by way of a total accident. A few weeks ago I wrote about my road trip to LA, I took all kinds of beautiful photos and it was one of these photos that inspired my Surrealist piece. Initially I had no plan on creating a Surrealist piece, just yet, I wanted to recreate one of the photos I took at Venice Beach onto a piece of cardboard (the idea of the cardboard was inspired by a Vine artist friend of mine). I had never painted anything on cardboard before but I wanted to try something new, and like I said a fellow artist friend of mine inspired me to do so as she had recently painted a piece on cardboard. So I sketched out what I thought I was going to paint (which was an ocean scene), showed it to one person and they said with disdain "you're going to paint an ocean scene on cardboard?" Of course there's always a critic, but he was just concerned I'd spend all this time painting a beautiful ocean scene and the paint on the cardboard would have an adverse reaction (like wrinkling or something). So I took that 2 cents.

I had already spent some time laying down the foundation, by way of sketching, for the ocean scene and I liked what I saw and didn't want to erase it. And so it was transformed into...my first Surrealist piece! Like I said I had had surrealism on my mind, and it just started coming out of me as I started crafting the foundation that was already before me. I honestly have no idea where the ideas came from in order to create this, but that just adds to the Surrealist affect I think. Initially I had a spaceship sinking in the ocean water, but decided last minute to add a clock instead, as my ode to the master Surrealist himself, Dali. This clock is what fueled the title of the piece which is "Drowning Time".

Anyways here it is from start to finish, I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality! : p

"Drowning Time"
Acrylic Paint on Cardboard
Until next time friends...Cheers!

<3 Noonie

P.S. I want to know what's your favorite Surrealist piece? 

Have you ever made your created your own?
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