16 April 2014

Off the Beaten Path

Today I decided to go be a tourist in my city. I just really needed some alone time and wanted to spend time outside so off I went. One of my favorite places to be alone happens to be the Capitol so I headed there. I hadn't been to the Capitol in quite a long time, but it's a place that holds a lot of pleasant memories for me as I've been going there ever since I was a kid. On weekends with dad my stepmom Taleen would take my brother and I for walks around the Capitol. At that time they lived pretty close to it and my dad's work wasn't far either. We'd often go grab lunch, usually sandwiches, from his restaurant and take them to the Capitol to enjoy. My brother and I were rambunctious kids and I remember we'd chase every single squirrel we would see, laughing hysterically about it. Ah childhood.

Caught a photo of one of my old friends, a squirrel although he's kind of hard to see in this on.(Bottom right near the tree)

But back today (which in the blogging world may mean a week from now), it was a beautiful day outside, I had my art supplies ready, and my adventure at the Capitol began. There are a couple of places at the Capitol that I make sure to visit every time I go, and that's the flower garden and the pond (where a family of turtles live). I went to the flower garden and sat for a while working on a watercolor piece. I truly enjoy creating out in the elements, especially in the Spring when everything is in bloom and pretty to paint, plus it's not too hot just yet.

After working on my piece I walked around for a while soaking up the sights and taking pictures to share with all you fine folks ;) Because I have been there so many times over the years I've walked all the paths at the Capitol, enjoying the sights they offer. But today I decided to go off the beaten path to see what I've been missin'! I saw all the same sights as if I would've gone along the path, but I got to enjoy an entirely different viewpoint and saw the sights in a new light from a different perspective than what I (and most people) for that matter seek out. And this my friends is the point I'm trying to make here. Get off that beaten path and seek out a new perspective! Even it's a place you've been a million times, I'm sure there's a point of view you've never enjoyed before! 

Here are my pictures from the day's adventure. A special shout out to my co-blogger Nelli for inspiring me to want to improve my photo taking + photo editing skills! These ones are for you! <3

I love the art that can be found on all of the SN&R stands! No two are alike!

I loved the dessert like feel of this particular area with all of the cacti + the succulents.

Arriving to the Flower Garden via the grass + not the path = new perspective! I wanted the plants, trees and background to be the main focus of this photo, rather than the arch + fountain which can be seen below and are equally as beautiful.

The beauty is a little overwhelming is it not?

A softer edit, wanted to really capture the light of the sun + how it hit the flowers.

This plaque reads:
Peace is initially established
through the love of friends
but is cemented in society
through the love of enemies

Kelsey Hayward, Grade 10
St. Francis High School
Sacramento, California

I bet you can see why I love this place now <3

Monument near the pond.

The monument reads:
This grove of trees as saplings. Transplanted from Southern battlefields was dedicated to the Armory of Union Veterans of the Civil War and presented to the state of California May 1, 1897 by the Ladies of the Grand Armory of the Republic of California and Nevada.

Turtle Territory

As Nelli always says "the devil is in the details".

I really liked the architecture of the 3 buildings that are sticking out from behind the ones in the foreground.

Welcome to the Capitol of CA

Yes there's a cop on a horse. I was trying to capture the details on the very top of the building. Really love all the arches and sculptures that make up the Capitol. It really is a piece of art in itself.

Loved how the sun looked reflected off of the building.

Nelli really is right. The devil is in the details. I've been to the Capitol a million times before but I never noticed the engraved work on top of all of the columns around the Capitol. Each area of the Capitol has different works on their columns.

Caught a glimpse of this young woman in what I'm guessing is her QuinceaƱera  dress.

Another ode to Nelli! lol
Really did never notice the little design that can be found on all of the light posts at the Capitol.

Really liked the architecture of the building in the background + the way the palm tree was leaning.

I was trying to capture the roof of the building in the back + really liked the vibrant red flower tree, although I didn't want it to be the focus of the photo.

I really liked how the arches of these buildings seem to be crossing over each other.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Capitol :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie