30 April 2014

Nelli's European Excursion

As you read this I am on a plane in the first leg of my 3 week European Adventure.

I found a new blogger, In Sonnet's Kitchen, this morning who I quite enjoy.
She went on a vacation last year and set some goals for herself, this inspired me so here are some of the things I would like to accomplish.
Goals for the Adventure:
1. Be spontaneous
2. Meet new people
3. Discover myself
4. Be Happy

Being in a new city, in a different country, outside of your comfort zone can be freightening if you let it; or it can be a wonderful adventure. It's all up to you. I'm going for the latter in this case and you'll be hearing about it for months to come. I'll try to spread out my journey and photos over the next few months for you and include tips and all or the places I'm traveling to (of which I'm still not completely sure).

This is a quote I recently stole from a TedX Talk entitled Rediscovering Wonder: "We need these moments of suprise, plot tists, and wrongness… We think this one thing is going to happen, but something else happens instead."

I feel this quote just about sums up my current quest, and on that note...
Discover Wonder.
- Nelli