02 September 2014

Noonie's |MOTW| Edition 3

I gotta say I'm pretty dang proud of myself for keeping up with this weekly series regarding my Musings of The Week. It's definitely been doing exactly what I had wanted it to + that is to help keep me inspired + focused on my current ideas + thoughts. It's easy to get caught up in the BS of day to day living, which often leads me to becoming uninspired, or to lack to energy to create, at least that's what happens to me occasionally. Which is why I thought a weekly check-in with what my current ideas for future projects or what I'm currently thinking about would be quite helpful to me, + it has been! I've been scheming up all kinds of projects I'd like to do, recipes I like to try, etc.! I'm brimming + boiling over with these ideas + the results of these ideas that there isn't enough space to share them all with you in one week. Sooooo I'm thinking about trying to make my MOTW a bi/tri-weekly series instead of a weekly series so there will be more space to share all of my current thoughts, ideas + projects. As this series is going to be cut back I plan on including even more of my currents thoughts, ideas + projects because I'll have the time needed in order to share them + the results with ya, so it's definitely a good thing! I'm so stoked with the results of this series so far + I can't wait to share them! I hope this series has rubbed off a little on you + has inspired you to dig a little deeper + start checking in with yourself a little more. There are all sorts of ideas swimming around you just have to look for them. Try something new, the options are limitless!

Here are a few of this week's musings...

Artsy Projects 
to Try:

+ Gallery of Frames: Thinking about finally getting to this project, which I've talked about before with my Bedroom Wall Revamp post. A few days ago I finally got the last frame I needed in order to complete this project! Really excited about it + can't wait to show ya the results! :)

+ New Art Technique: I've been interested in trying the technique of using various objects to create different patterns/textures with paintings for a while now + it's my goal to try it out in the following weeks. Might end up doing an abstract piece or perhaps a mixed media piece utilizing this technique, I haven't quite made up my mind just yet.

+ SN&R Newsstand: Tacking this on from last week's MOTW. More about it in my "MOTW Check In".

to Try:

+ Creamy Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Fettuccine: I don't recall where I originally was inspired to try to make this dish, but I found this recipe + it sounds delicious! I've been craving shrimp lately so I'm going to incorporate it into the dish. I've never tried to make any sauce from scratch so I'm pretty excited to try my hand at this recipe in the next week or so + let you know how it is!

+ Bamya: It's like Okra + Beef stew served over rice. You may not of heard of it before as it's an Arab dish, but I grew up eating it + still love it to this day. But just like many other Arabic dishes I've eaten since forever, I've never actually made it before. My mom or dad are the ones who usually make this dish, but I think it's about time I make it myself, with mom's help of course. ;) I'll be sure to share her recipe!

Other Random Musings 

+ Nathan's Urban State of Mind: This feature has been in the works for a little while + I can't wait to share it with you! Hint: San Diego

+ The Downtown Plaza: My once favorite mall in Sacramento is currently being ripped apart + torn down *sniffle* in order to make way for a brand new King's arena. I'll admit the Plaza wasn't what it once was before they started tearing it down, but I'm still going to miss it. Planning on putting together a post all about my love for the Downtown Plaza, comin' atcha in the next week or so!

+ My Bad vision: This is super random but lately I've  been thinking about how shitty my eyesight is. I've had to wear glasses (+ later graduated to contacts) ever since I was about 8 or 9 years old, so I'm somewhat used to having poor eye sight + having to rely on a device to see. Now that I'm older I don't really view (pun intended) my bad eye sight as a bad thing, in fact I've really embraced it. (I know it sounds weird but stay with me.) The reason I've embraced it is because my bad eye sight affords me a different perspective. When I don't have on my glasses or contacts I get to see things in a different (but blurry) vantage point. This blurred vision let's me see things in a way I wouldn't normally see them. In fact some of my artwork was inspired directly from this distorted vision of mine. The moral of the story is embrace who you are + what you're made of. Accept your "flaws" + open your mind to how you can turn them into a positive. :)

As I mentioned before this series of posts is all about keeping me inspired + focused, + accountability is part of it too. Here's how last week's MOTW projects + ideas went...

MOTW ED 2 Check In: 

Art Project: My SN&R Newsstand. I have been working hard on this project, but still not quite done with it yet. An incident occurred which pushed back the completion of this project, but I'm gettin' there. You just can't rush art afterall, it is a process. Promise to ya show pictures when it's finally finished! Which I'm hoping will be this week! *fingers crossed* 

Bedroom Wall Mural. Didn't get to sketching out the mural(s) that I'd like to paint just yet. But I have been working on putting my bedroom together + will be sharing photos of what it looks like so far once I've completed the Gallery of Frames that I spoke of above.


Recipes: Brown Sugar + Garlic BBQ Chicken. Check. If you read A Few of My Favorite Things Ed 3 you'd already know I did make this delicious dish! I was really happy with how it turned out + with how simple it was to put together this 4 ingredient recipe that took under 30 minutes to make. I'll be sharing the recipe for this in the next few days. :)

As for the Apple Pies Baked into Apples or Apple Rings recipe that I spoke about on last week's MOTW I didn't get around to making it. Maybe I'll get to it this week. I know I know shame on me, lol.

Can't wait to catch up with ya on these upcoming projects on my next MOTW!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie