21 September 2014


"...these are a few of my favorite things". If you're new around these parts AFOMFT is a weekly series that entails my favorite things of the week. I'm constantly finding new quotes I like + new favorite paintings/artists etc. + I thought it'd be fun to share my favorites of the week via this series, which was inspired by the blog A Beautiful Mess.



"Hippy Shit" | Acrylic Paint | Created by yours truly

I'm a firm believer that a good attitude +positive outlook will get you far in life + I definitely live by this motto. But I do need to work on the patience part of it, which is why I liked this quote so much. 

Because if you're not trying to better yourself on a daily basis what's the point?


"To understand the work of OSGEMEOS, it is necessary to allow reason to be replaced by the imaginary – walk through the doors, allowing ourselves to realize the subtleties in the world around us and to embark on an experience that exceeds the visual: to feel first and to understand later.

According to Osgemeos' website Osgemeos literally translates to "the twins". That's right. Twin Brazilian brothers whom are both artists + work together on their craft. I discovered these twins via their Instagram account, + was immediately in love. I just love the bright colors + the flow + energy their works invoke + they're street artists (and you I love street art)!

In any case I was very impressed by their work + I highly suggest you go check out their Instagram + website for even more photos of their work! :)


Arrgh mateys. Mama got me this pencil a while back because she knows how much I love pirates! It had been MIA for a minute until I found it this week, among the jungle of my art supplies (I'm working on it). I not only love this pencil because it is in fact a pirate pencil but also because my mama did get it for me. 

All together now "Aawwwww!!".


I've seriously loved skulls since I was about 8 years old. In fact I remember the exact day that I discovered my love for skulls. Mama had taken us to a flea market for the first time ever + pogs (remember those coin shaped toys?) were in their hay day. 

I wanted to start collecting them + that's when I stumbled upon pogs with skulls on them. I'm not sure what caught my attention about skulls that day as I'm sure I'd seen them before, but that particular day I fell in love with them + this love has continued on into adulthood, hence the sweatshirt + skull tattoo I have :) My new sweatshirt is not only badass because of the skull design on it but the skull + OBEY logo also glows in the dark!

I mean it really just doesn't get much better than that. 


Greek coffee, AKA legal crack. This shit is strong especially the way I drink it. Typically this type of coffee is served in a smaller coffee cup, but I always opt for a larger one when I drink it because I loove the flavor of the coffee + a smaller cup just doesn't do it for me. I always drink mine with lots of sugar + cream (either regular or dry cream works just fine). My mom is the one who introduced me to this coffee + she said she got it from the local Mediterranean store, but you might be able to find it at a grocery store. 

It'll definitely give ya that extra kick that regular coffee just doesn't have.

These were just a few of my favorite things from this week, but I'd like to know... 
what was your favorite thing from this week? 
Comment below <3

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie