13 September 2014

Asheville, NC | Westward Bound


As beautiful as Virginia was, my overnight stay was odd to say the least which meant I was happy to awake in the morning and make my way onto Asheville, North Carolina!
The drive was about 3 hours and beautiful was an understatement. The countryside in both Virginia and North Carolina was breathtaking. With 70's folk music on the radio and a bag of strawberry liquorish in hand I arrived in Asheville around 13:00, just in time for a late lunch. First stop was 12 Bones Smokehouse, I had read so much about this BBQ joint and I could not wait to try it! I ordered a side of pulled pork (which is a MUST in North Carolina), a side of sliced brisket, and a side of corn pudding. First off I was super excited that they offer sides of meat as there was no way I could have finished a whole plate on my own. Second off everything was amazing, and Thirdly I'm still not quite sure what the hell-o corn pudding is but boy is it tasty! After filling up on meat and corn I took myself on a little walk around the River Arts District (RAD) which was conveniently located right next to the BBQ joint. The little art studios were super cute and very creative. This area used to be factories and has since been converted into artists studios and they are almost all open to the public. I would definitely recommend a stroll down the Arts district if you're in town. I (of course) love all the brick buildings. After my stroll it was time for (my now routine) afternoon coffee, and the lucky joint up on the chopping block today was Waking Life Espresso. This place was a ways away from the RAD, but it was nice to see another area. It was cute, an old house turned into a coffee shop and they had surprisingly good vegan baked goods (My meat eating South Carolina buddy would soon validate this claim).
Unfortunately, all these little trips did not leave me much time to explore Asheville on foot, or to take many photos, but I took myself on a little driving tour before I headed to Greenville, SC for dinner with my New York Pal. Ashevilles historic downtown was adorable and filled with what I can best describe as 'modern hippies.'
Stay tuned for the next few cities in South Carolina....

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