26 June 2014

Noonie's Wall Revamp

A little while ago I wrote about my Move + Revamp. I have big plans for my new bedroom, especially with the walls! If only I had more than 4 to work with lol. Here are my bedroom wall plans broken down.

1- Bohemian Style/Zen Doodle Pattern:
I was perusing Pinterest a few weeks back and fell in love with this design!

I'm planning on doing something similar on the smallest wall in my room so it doesn't look too busy. I will be posting my design a little down the road :)

2- Gallery of Frames

I just love love love the ever so popular gallery of frames concept. Such a cute way to really personalize an area of a room. I can finally bust out all those little knick knack and keepsakse that I've had thrown in a drawer somewhere and really show my personality and interests. Not only will I be adding my little knick knacks, but I will also be adding pieces of art I've created/enjoy, photos and any other little random things that catch my fancy. I know some people like to create a very unified look with their g.o.f. by using the same colored/style of frames but that just ain't me! I love random sporadic designs so I'm planning on using a variety of different colored/style of frames which I'm super excited about! I have started my g.o.f. project which I will be sharing with you in the future. This project is definitely going to take TIME to put together.

3- Paint a Mural

Still need to scheme up a plan for what I want to paint on one of my bedroom walls. It's going to be on a pretty big wall so the options are pretty limitless! I really like the I idea of a piece somewhat engulfing an entire wall, pieces of it sprawling out onto the ceiling but that's about as far as my scheming has come along. But I'm super excited about this future piece + how it will totally personalize my bedroom.

4- Framed Piece of Art Wall

I have a ton of art related posters that I typically hang in my bedroom, but because I am doing all these other things with my walls I'm only going to be hanging one art poster right up above my bed. Of course it's Van Gogh.

So that's my plan for the walls! Definitely will be sharing more updates + photos as it all comes together so be on the look out! :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie