16 September 2014

Noonie's | Bedroom Move |

If you're a regular here on BSOM you'd know all about my plans for my bedroom wall revamp. Well my plans for the walls basically haven't changed (just some minor tweaking), but my bedroom has. Yes you read that right. I've moved to a different bedroom in the house + although it was kind of pain to move everything it was definitely for the best because...now I have a BIGGER bedroom! Score! The room I was staying in is about the 1/2 the size of the one I'm in now, so I'm a very happy lady. Not only is my room larger, but I also have my very own bathroom + a much nicer view that lets in a lot more sun than my other room did = double score! I'm super stoked with my new bedroom + have been working hard on getting it all put together.

As I mentioned above I have tweaked my bedroom wall plans a bit. I do eventually plan on painting my new bedroom, but for now I'm happy with the color it is, a light blue (technically it's a blue/silver according to the paint can). Plus because it is a lighter color it'll be a lot easier to paint my murals! Although I'm still unsure as to what I'd like to paint for my murals. I have started hanging up pictures + paintings in my room including my gallery of frames so the room's 'personality' is definitely getting there! It's just going to take some time before my room is exactly as I want it to be, but I don't mind whatsoever as putting it all together is 1/2 the fun! :)

Wanted to share a few photos of what I've been working on...

This corner of my room is my favorite. I've had this antique white desk forever, but I've never actually utilized it as a desk until now. It fit perfectly into this corner + it's been great having a little area set aside solely for work. This little corner is also special because this is where the magic happens! aka I spend a lot of my time putting together posts + such for BSOM :) Decided to hang a few of my favorite paintings in this corner, but have yet to decide what I'd like to hang on the blank wall to the right. I'm thinking I'll probably end up hanging a piece of art.

I'm totally smitten with how my gallery of frames project turned out! It did take some time to get together all of the frames + miscellaneous photos/art but it was a lot of fun to put together! I still have a ton of space on my g.o.f. wall, which I plan to slowly fill up with other framed works + random pieces, so this project isn't quite done. But so far so good! :) It's kind of hard to clearly see the photos/art that encompass my g.o.f., but I did that on purpose. Why? I don't want to fully unveil this project until it is totally complete! I know I know, such a tease lol.

I'll definitely keep ya posted with new photos coming as soon as I get some more work done! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie