23 September 2014

Greenville, SC | Westward Bound


While I was only in Greenville for about 12 hours, it made quite the impression on this little lady! Lucky for me Greenville, South Carolina, was about 1 hour outside of Asheville and double lucky me as one of my New York friends recently moved to Greenville.
I arrived at about 6:00pm and met up with my friend at his apartment, I took the 'back roads' to get to his place and the countryside was so beautiful: quaint little houses, lots of brick, and tree filled front lawns. When I got to his place I was surprised at how much nature was around his 'semi-suburban' chateau. It wasn't long until he took me downtown to check out the town. First stop: the town waterfall. This waterfall and river run right through the center of downtown creating a beautiful backdrop as well as a place for locals to relax. Afterwards we wandered up and down the windy main street sandwiched between the tree walls and the brick facades I was in my mini-version of heaven. Little stores, nice looking restaurants, kind people, and good company.
This evening neither of us were hungry (which was a bummer since the restaurants looked scrumptious) so we decided to stop in at the brewery: Blue Ridge Brewing Co. They had 4 beers on draft, each of which was $3.00, yes $3.00!!!! The beers were cold and the bartender was fun, he even gave me some tips for where I should go once I move to San Francisco.
The rest of this evening was quiet and relaxing, just what I needed after that crazy night in Virginia!

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