09 September 2014

RIP Downtown Plaza

Rest in Pieces Downtown Plaza, you will be missed. My once favorite mall in Sacramento is currently being ripped apart + torn down *sniffle* in order to make way for a brand new King's arena. I'll admit the Plaza wasn't what it once was before they started tearing it down, but I'm still going to miss it. I loved its location right off of J St. +  how it was an outdoor mall (the only one around Sacramento in fact). I have so many favorite memories of the Downtown Plaza since I have been going there ever since I was about 8 years old. I thought it'd be fun to take a little trip down memory lane + share some of my favorite Downtown Plaza memories as well as a few photos from my very last trip there, which I consequently wish I would've taken more of. 

2nd story views

Views looking out from the back of the Plaza

The path to Old Sacramento

* Dad used to take us to the DTP all of the time on our weekends with him. There would always be different exhibits we'd go see at the Plaza from Dinosaur Days to Gold Rush Days, I remember it like it was yesterday. Fun times.

* Another favorite DTP memory of mine happened when I was about 15 or so + my mom took me prom dress shopping there to get my Jr. prom dress. We checked out all the stores + I finally found one at the Jessica McClintock store. Now that I think about it I also got my Sr. prom dress from the DTP on another trip with mom, this time we scored my prom dress at Macy's. Mom still has those dresses boxed up somewhere but I'll always remember those times she took me to get my prom dresses at the DTP.

* Going shopping after school or sometimes ditching to go shopping with Nelli when we were in high school. We lived in the little old town of Galt so we'd always go to Sacramento to hit the malls when we wanted to go shopping. The DTP was our favorite though, because it had a huge Forever 21, way bigger than the old Forever 21 that's in the Arden Mall.

* + last but not least, I'll remember all of the weridos I saw + encountered at the DTP. Because of it's location there were always colorful characters around the Plaza, this never deterred me from wanting to go to there though, but actually added to the experience. One memory of an encounter with a werido at the Plaza that really pops out is this one occasion...I was at the mall with a friend + we were going up the escalator. Well I went to go grab the railing of the escalator + this guy behind me yells "DON'T TOUCH IT!". He must've been a germaphobe or something. His rant startled me for a minute of course but I held the laughter in + smiled at my friend. We busted up laughing as soon as he walked away. Good times, good times.

Although they are tearing down the DTP at least they aren't going to tear down the tunnel that connected the DTP to Old Sacramento, it's one of my favorite features of the DTP area. I just love all of the murals painted throughout the tunnel + how they play music in the tunnel, especially during the holidays when they play Christmas music, specifically the Charlie Brown theme song.

I shall miss you Downtown Plaza. 
(Yes that's me waving)

Although you will no longer be a mall, I know you will go on to be a lovely basketball arena, lol.

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie