31 August 2014

A Few of My Fav Things |Edition 3

I've so been enjoying putting together this weekly series of A Few of My Favorite Things. If you're new around these parts AFOMFT is a weekly series that entails my favorite things of the week, from a favorite newly discovered artist/painting, to a new favorite quote, etc. As I've mentioned before this weekly series was inspired by the blog ABM.

On with the show...!


I believe I originally saw this quote on Pinterest + I immediately LOVED it.


I don't create collages very often, in fact the only collage pieces I've ever done I've already shared with ya here on BSOM. But just because I don't collage much doesn't mean I don't love + appreciate collage pieces. I found the collage pictured above on Mikestagram's Instagram page. There's just something so eerie about this piece it kind of draws you in. Mike's other collages do the exact same thing, most of them being somewhat macabre like the piece pictured above. But I love his style + how he creates so much emotion/energy with his collages (especially the black + white ones). I honestly had such a hard time trying to choose just one of his pieces to feature as my favorite. Go check out his Instagram it's definitely worth looking at.


My new toy. It's my favorite purchase of this week. I just got it a few days ago but I've been looking at this camera for some time now. I'm still perfecting my method, but will share some of shots with ya soon! :) So far loving this insta-print camera!


Love me some E-40 + B-Legit. Enough said.



Does he really need an introduction? I don't think so. I guess I'm still day dreaming about The Great Gatsby (referring to last week's Fav Things) which my mom happened to buy me the other day (thanks mom!) Leo just gets better + better as he ages + I'm not just talkin' about his acting. Ohhh wee! ;)


Brown Sugar + Garlic BBQ Chicken! If you caught my MOTW |Edition 2 you'd know this dish was on the menu for the week. I had never tried making it before, but you can bet after trying it I'll be making it again, for sure! Don't mean to tease though as I will be sharing the recipe for this delicious dish this week! Be on the look out! :)

These were just a few of my favorite things from this week, but I'd like to know what was your favorite thing from this week? Comment below <3

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie