23 January 2014

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

Candy Chang's "Confessions" art project

Okay first things first. I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I'm an avid reader of the blog Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity, hence the reason it's on our Blog Love page. The writer Sarah, is hilarious and always blogging about a variety of interesting topics. I really enjoy her style of writing and I highly suggest you check her blog out! I really enjoy her "Confession" blogs in which unloads what's weighing her down at the moment. I like the idea so much I decided maybe I'd try my hand at a "Confessions Blog", so here goes nothin'...

* The neighbor kids drive me nuts!! I know saying that may be frowned upon, but this is my confessions. So there. I couldn't wait for Christmas break to be over with so they would all be back at school instead of running the streets like wild animals. Might have lost a few followers for that one. But hey I'm just being honest. It wouldn't be so bad if there was an adult out there supervising them so they wouldn't run such a muck. But a supervising parent is not something you will find on my street, which is a sad thing to say! As I said they drive me crazy but even I worry about them at times especially as it gets darker outside, we live on kind of a blind corner and people often come smashing around it a lot quicker than they should. It doesn't help that there are no street lights on my street either, or any "watch for children" signs for that matter. Although they do drive me crazy I will admit I'd rather have a neighborhood full of children any day of the week rather than a neighborhood full of even crazier teenagers, or even worse druggies, gang bangers etc.. So in a way I am grateful for those crazy kids, even if they often want to cause havoc I know how it is. I guess they came up with that old saying  "kids will be kids" for a reason.

* I hope this one doesn't get me in trouble with the boy, but I will confess I am glad he works a full time job as it gets him out of the house 5 days a week. Don't get my wrong I do love spending time with him, but I do enjoy my alone time to get my projects done, especially working on the blog. I have a hard time concentrating when writing, and I really do need silence to be able to focus on my train of thoughts. I have learned over the years to not even bother working on any type of writing if anyone is around, as I will lose my concentration which will then lead me to being irritable. So thank God for full time jobs, we are very grateful!

* Nelli already knows this confession, but I thought it would be a funny addition to this blog. I'll confess when me and Nelli and I met all those years ago I didn't like her at first. Lol. Maybe she didn't like me either..but I guess you'll have to wait to read her confessions blog to see. Who knew we'd end up being life long friends? Life is just crazy like that I guess.

Whheww I feel much better for getting that off my shoulders. Lol

On another note, I had to share a little something about the artist Candy Chang (whose art is pictured above). I randomly found this artist by way of Google search while trying to find an image for this blog. I took a quick look at her website and found she had done an art exhibit that was all about confessions, and highly suggest you check it out! Very interesting stuff!!

 I'd love to hear your confessions! Come on now don't be shy...What's your confession?

Until next time...Cheers!