25 February 2014

Forgive Me Father for I Have Sinned | Part II

This is my second "confessions" blog, the first one can be found here. But first things first, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I'm an avid reader of the blog Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity, hence the reason it's on our Blog Love page. The writer Sarah, is hilarious and I really enjoy her "Confession" blogs in which she "unloads silly things she's been thinking about". I like the idea so much I decided to start doing my own "Confessions Blog"!  So here goes nothin'...

* I confess...I'm a sucker for the movie Forrest Gump! I watch it at least a few times a month, and it drives my boyfriend nuts! I'm the kind of person who can watch a movie a million times and still not be sick of it, but my boyfriend is the complete opposite. Needless to say I usually get my Forrest fix in while he's at work. lol. I've always really liked the movie because I love history and I like how the movie kind of takes you through different time periods and highlights major events that have happened in the past. I'm not goin' lie I also really like Forrest and Jennys' southern accents, they just really crack me up every time!!

* I confess...I often wish I lived in a different time when life moved just a little bit slower, and things were simpler. If I could choose any eras to live in I'd choose 1945-1970s or so. I really like everything from those time periods from the cars they drove, to the clothes they wore. Of course there wasn't the technology we have today back then, and I do love modern technology! Without it, I wouldn't be sitting here writing to all you fine folks out there on the World Wide Web but sometimes I feel like technology has in way complicated things and has changed social behavior and norms and not always in such a positive way. Kids aren't out playing like they used to enjoying the simplicities of life, smelling the roses, they are often glued to their cell phones, iPads, and other various game consoles thereby limiting their connection to what's right in front of them. For me it's disturbing when I go out to a restaurant and I see an entire family glued to their screens instead of talking to one another, soaking up what's going on around them. We all have that one friend that's constantly on their phone when you're supposed to be "hanging out", don't be that person! I will admit at times I am guilty of being glued to my cell phone when I really shouldn't be, but I really do try to keep myself in line most of the time and rarely get on my phone when I'm in the company of friends (although you will occasionally catch me making a Vine of our shenanigans.) Don't get my wrong I'm definitely a fan of instant gratification which technology does supply, but at what cost?

* I confess...My dogs drive me NUTS sometimes!! They reallllly do. I have honestly considered shock therapy (a shock collar) and might have to go through with it soon. I in no way would ever condone animal abuse, but I can assume because shock collars are sold everywhere they must be relatively safe. A friend of mine ended up getting one for his dog and he said he only needed to use it one time for his dog to learn. My dogs are really smart, being terriers but that also makes them super stubborn and they just don't want to listen to me when I try to yell at them for their constant barking. Little Lucy really is the worst offender, I guess she gets the yappiness from her Chihuahua side. If they only barked when someone came to the door or something that would be fine, but they seriously bark at every little sound there hear, I can't imagine how the neighbors must feel. I mean I can't keep them inside all of the time, and one of the reasons we moved to our place is that it does have a nice big backyard for them to roam about. I can hear them going off at the moment in fact. Although they are a handful at times and I could do without the constant barking, I love my fur babies nonetheless and I couldn't imagine life without them!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!