02 October 2014

Tybee Island | Westward Bound


Oh Tybee, Oh Tybee...
I could drift away and live the life on this little island.
I regret to say that I was having too much fun to take many photos, which is indicative of this place. Not to mention the sites are not anything particularly outstanding, however, the lifestyle and experience was incredible.
I arrived in the evening and was greeted by my buddy I met while in Savannah a few months ago. We immediately got to 'doing what the locals do,' drinking at Sand Bar. This little bar is located on the main drive, offers cheap drinks, jello shots, a fantastic owner, and a good lot of locals to converse with. Tonight was 'Open mic night' (which also happens to be the busiest weeknight and full of local talent). We spent the evening doing jello shots, whiskey-gingers, and countless numbers of beer while chatting up almost anyone who would listen to me (this is a common problem of mine), and staying up way past my bed-time.

Day 2 was begun at the local hot spot Breakfast Club. Where I indulged in pecan waffles (or as I was corrected 'pea-kahn'), my buddy got a more traditional chicken fried steak, hash-browns, toast, and grits. Breakfast was cheap + huge! I only ate half of my $6 waffle. Here we ran into some of the friends from day 1, also enjoying breakfast; so of course and impromptu day of drinking and laying on the beach was scheduled. We scurried off to collect some whiskey, beer, and snacks and rendezvoused at the beach (it is legal to drink in public + on the beach in Tybee). The next 6 hours were filled with drinking and relaxation. Once the sun decided to go down on us (boo!), we made our way over to Huca Poo's where we had pizza + beers for dinner. Pizza was yummy, beers were cold, and the bartenders were entertaining. We smoked, we drank, we stayed up far past our bedtime.

Day 3, I woke up in the home of two of my new girlfriends, who were the cutest things you've ever imagined! They had music playing - First Aid Kit (which is one of my new favorite bands) - as they danced around and made smoothies for all, before driving me back to my car where I would drive to my final destination on this leg of the journey: Tampa, Floria; but not before I stopped at Arby's for a mid-day roast beef sandwich!

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