24 October 2014

Noonie's SN&R Newsstand!

I've always admired SN&R (Sacramento News & Review) newsstands as most of them are covered with original artwork done by local artists from the area. No 2 newsstands are alike for this reason, which is why every time I see one I always take a minute to check out it. You'd be amazed at the variety of different styles/works of art you can find on SN&R newsstands as many different levels of artists have created works on them, from beginning artists (even children) to professionals. As I was to find out none of the artists are paid to embellish the newsstands, which just makes them all the better as these artists created works on them out of pleasure not gain (although it is a good way to promote ones work).

As it turns out I've become one of these newsstand artists, + I couldn't be more excited to share with you my newsstand story! A few months ago I was reading SN&R + I happened to stumble upon an ad calling for local artists who were interested in artsying up their very own newsstand. As soon as I saw the ad I jumped on the opportunity + emailed SN&R telling them I was very interested in the opportunity + the next day I had a response from them telling me to come pick up my newsstand - which I did that exact same day. 

Not only did I have my very own newsstand to embellish but I had very few parameters I had to work in! The only rules I had to keep in mind when working on my newsstand is that 1) the works could only feature G - PG-13 related content (as it is going to be in a public arena) + 2) I had to include "SN&R" somewhere on the newsstand, but other than that I was given free reign to create whatever I pleased on my newsstand. After a couple of days of brainstorming + sketching ideas I finally decided on creating a music themed newsstand featuring a painting from my "Matisse inspired rapper's series" which I created a few years ago, as well as a few original paintings that I painted in the same manner (Matisse inspired). As I was plotting + scheming away about exactly what I wanted to do with my newsstand the idea of using glow in the dark spray paint came up + I knew it was an element that I just had to include.  I also knew I wanted to create pieces of works on the newsstand that I consider to be one of my trademark styles. But of course things don't always go as planned.

I put in about 85+ hours of my blood, sweat + tears into creating this work of art, literally. I'm definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my art, somewhat of an extremist perfectionist I should say. Like many of you out there I'm my own worst critic, + it really came out with this project! It took me a good month + a 1/2 or so to get all the paint down + another month to get it all perfected to meet my high standards. I mean this newsstand is going to be in a public arena with my name on it so of course it had to be perfect, blood + sweat. The tears part came into play a couple of times while working on this project. Once while a person was lifting it up for me to move it + some paint got scraped off of it + had to be fixed. Another good tears fest happened when I was FINALLY done with the newsstand + I went to go seal it. I shook a can up of what I thought was clear sealer + began to spray it on my box, when WHITE spray paint started coming out! I had never used sealer before so for a moment I thought it was normal that was until I asked my bf. When I saw the look on his face after seeing the newsstand I knew the answer. I had just screwed up hours of work. 


Guess that'll teach me not to read the can properly!

Needless to say I was super upset after this occasion, especially since I could only blame myself for the screw up. With a clear head the next day I accessed the damages + found it wasn't that bad, considering. The white spray paint which turned out to be PRIMER had only thankfully messed up one side of my newsstand, so it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought. 

My bf knew how upset I was so he helped me fix the muddled side. Once we had it lookin' fly again I clear coated it (this time!) + alas my masterpiece was complete! Quite the ride, to say the least. 

I did take photos + recorded time lapse videos of the entire process +
 thought it'd be fun to share with you as I've very proud of this project!

Enjoy the show! :)

Noonie's SN&R Newsstand 

Plan of action! 
Preliminary sketches of my plans for the newsstand. 

Front of the newsstand...
Blank, primed + ready to go! 
I received the newsstand already primed, but it got some scratches on it 
while in transport home so I ended up having to re-prime which didn't take long.


Right side...
The very beginning + the very end

Details shot

Quick sketch de E-40

The very beginning + the very end

Left side....
The very beginning + the very end

360 degree view...

Although I enjoyed working on this project immensely I was I happy to drop it off at the SN&R home base, because it means I get to move on to my next big projects. When I did finally drop it off it was received with smiles + compliments + they even had their photographer take my photo with the newsstand which was pretty cool! I'm excited that it's finally going to be put out in the world for others to enjoy! I will be sure to update you all of it's exact location when it does get placed so if you happen to live in the Sacramento area you can go check it out for yourself! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!! 

<3 Noonie