15 October 2014

Moody CA Skies

A few weekends ago the weather was super odd + I had written this post about it, but hadn't had the chance to post it for your viewing pleasure until now.



The past couple of days the weather has been really weird. I'm talkin' odd shades of reds, oranges + purples in the skies + thunder + lightning storms out of no where. Kinda gloomy + grey, although I have been enjoying the cooler weather a bit. I got to bust out a long sleeve shirt this morning, which was a nice change. On days like today I really just want to stay curled up in bed, passing the day with movies, such as The Goonies. There's just something about gloomy weather that makes me want to watch it. 

Anyways wanted to share this clip I captured of the lightning storm...

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie