25 October 2014

Grapes + Pancakes

Today I woke up craving pancakes.

As you all know, I recently moved to San Francisco, + so far it has been a whirlwind running around to see apartments, looking for jobs, trying to make friends, experiencing new restaurants, and the like. About a week ago I finally got an apartment (in what is now the most difficult place in the country to find one)!!!! That means I can finally get back into my cooking habits, relax a little but, and best of all decorate! Throughout this process I've been eating a bunch of junk food, easy to access, and already made so I (more than anyone) is excited to get back into cooking!

Its not often that I wake up with a specific craving such as this, but when I do I feel like I should indulge. So I walked myself to my new grocery store and picked up some ingredients for baking, I figured that I'll be using these in the near future so they would be a good investment!
After I got back home I puttered around thinking of what I would top my mouthwatering pancakes with. The only fruit I had on hand were grapes and thus the sautéed grape topping was born!

1. Prep the pancake
- combine dry ingredients in a bowl + mix
- add the wet ingredients + stir till combined
- let the batter sit for 10+ minutes (this will make them fluffier)
2. Start the grapes
- slice grapes in 1/2
- heat up olive oil in a pan
- add the grapes + a little salt + honey to the mixture, stir, cover, lower heat
- I checked up on these every 5-10 minutes
3. Start your pancakes
- heat up a skillet or frying pan
- coat with olive oil
- pour pancake batter to desired size
- once browned, flip + cook other side
- repeat
4. Grapes
- continuously check on these so they don't burn
- cook until the consistency you desire, mine took 15-20 minutes
5. Serve

2 medium pancakes

These pancakes were yummy, although a little heavier than I would have liked.
You might consider adding a touch more milk + perhaps a little more baking powder, however, if you like your pancakes a little dense these are great.