23 August 2014

Nelli is Moving

After 5 long years on the East Coast, I will be embarking on a 2 week journey to move out west. I'd like to imagine myself as a pioneer only my trip will be filled with more friends, fun, technology, and less death.
New York has been my home for so long that I cannot imagine living anywhere else, which is precisely why I need to get a move on. Its time for a new adventure, to learn a new city, to experience a new place, and to make new friends.
I will miss so many things NYC has to offer: food, culture, sites, walking along Elizabeth Street, the lights, but most of all I will miss the people I have encountered here. I'm not good at goodbyes (who is?), so I'll take a phrase from my childhood and leave you with the quote:
'TTFN: Ta Ta For Now."
- Tigger

In honor of my departure I figured I would compile a list of a few of my favorite NYC things, so here goes:

Coffee: Laughing Man, 9th Street Espresso - EV
Brunch: Freeman's, Queens Comfort
Lunch: Wichcraft, Fresh + Co, Mile's End - Noho
Dinner: Terrior East Village, Northern Spy Co, Saxon + Parole, Giano, Il Buco, Nai Tapas Bar
Setting: Gallo Green
Show: Sleep No More
Sites: Queens - World's Fair Site, Any Rooftop
Museum: MET
Street: Elizabeth Street, 72nd Street, Bleeker Street
Beer Joint: Burp Castle
Burger: BareBurger
Wine Bar: The Immigrant
Pastries: Coffeed, Ovenly
Pizza: South Brooklyn Pizza, Artichoke, MilkFlower
Bagel: Brooklyn Bagel
Mexican: Taqueria LES, De Mole
Pie: Four + Twenty Blackbirds
Happy Hour: V-Bar
Ride: Staten Island Ferry

Please enjoy some of my favorite NYC photos, I'll see you on the other side!