05 October 2014

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

to bring you...The Drags. That's right no A Few of My Favorite Things this week kids. If you're a newbie around here let me explain, every Sunday I usually post a blog about my favorite things from that week. But this week I thought I'd mix it up, just to keep it interesting. But don't be mad, AFOMFT will be back next Sunday. :)

On with the show!

I've been a fan of classic cars ever since I can remember. In fact my very first car was a '61 Mercury Comet. Her name was Delia (yes I name my cars lol) + she was a badass car. I'm sure Nelli remembers her!

For some reason I never took a picture of Delia, but she looked just like the one picture above. You may have noticed the past pretense I just used, Delia + I ended up parting ways after she got hit in an accident, but my love of old cars didn't die with her. In fact a piece of Delia didn't die either as I still have a hubcap of hers that I took off before she was hauled away. But like I said my love of old cars didn't die with her as there's just something about a classic car that lights me up! They just have so much character, with their sometimes large fenders + unique body lines + the details of the car make them so much more pleasing to the eye, at least to me. I mean yeah some newer cars are cool but few of them can compare to the beauty of a classic car.

One of my favorite cars of the day!

After reading all that I'm sure you can tell how much of a classic car enthusiast I really am. So when my bf suggested we go to the drags (that's drag races) out at the Sacramento Raceway a few weekends ago I was so down! Although I've been to plenty of classic car shows over the years, I had never been to the drags before so I was super excited to go see both classic + modern cars racing, trying to cross the line closest to their specific set time!

Love me a classic Chevy! 

I also got to see Jet cars for the first time, which was pretty damn cool! A Jet car is a suuuppeerrr fast race car that has an actual engine from a Jet plane! This souped up car not only shoots out super long flames, but also goes an impressive 300 MPH in 5 seconds while doing so! Talk about an intense piece of machinery! But the passes we saw we're not only of cars, but of motorcycles too! Souped up nitro powered Harley's to be exact, now that was a sight to see! I've never seen a motorcycle go so quickly! I'm talkin' speeds of up to 160 + MPH! Now that's quick for a 4 wheeled vehicle, let alone a motorcycle! 

This bad boy had 2 engines! 

It was quite impressive to see these skilled drivers doing what they do best! Although it was a hot day, I had such an awesome time with my bf watching the drags for the first time + checking out all the awesome cars! 

| Sacramento Raceway|

You bet I'll be back out at that track again soon! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie