03 October 2014

Noonie's | New Art Logo

Well whadya think?! I mean about my new art logo, which I made myself! :) Lately I've been focusing more on taking my art to the next level, a more professional level, you could say. Not to get too serious on ya or anything lol. I just think I'm ready to take the next steps that are necessary in order to really get my art out there + for it to be taken seriously. 

Pretty soon here I'm going to have prints made of a few of my pieces + I'd like to have a couple of avenues to sell them through. Which is why I'm planning on creating my own ART website + Etsy shop. Of course I'm going to need a logo for these outlets, which is why I decided to create the above logo. I knew I wanted to encompass a piece of my art into the logo + so I decided on this bull piece, a painting I did a few years ago. I used a simple photo editor to create the logo, but I'm very happy with the results! 

You know I will for sure keep you updated on these upcoming projects, so be on the look out! :) 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie