29 October 2014

Savory Oats | Middle Eastern Style

On this particular day I was craving something savory + filled with cumin; but I didn't have any of the usual culprits around the house. I was trying to think of a concoction that would be quick, easy, + give me the flavor I so desperately wanted. And so, the Middle Eastern Oats were born.
I did a quick google search on 'savory oats' to see if other people had ever tried their hand at these little buggers, + gee-golly alot of people had!

Now, after trying these I have to say I wish I had made them sooner! They are quick, easy, delicious and customizable to your mood! I made mine in more of a 'risotto' style, which I like to believe enhanced the flavor... But who am I kidding I'm sure they would be equally delectable in the microwave or any other manner in which you like to create your oatmeal!

If you experiment with your own savory oats let us hear about it!
I hope you enjoy the recipe!
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1. Boil Coconut Milk
2. Add Oats
3. Add Spices
4. Once milk is absorbed, add more milk, + stir (to make it creamier)
5. Add a spoonful of tahini + splash of olive oil
6.. Once that milk is absorbed, add more, + stir
- This method of adding milk incrementally is what I was referring to as 'risotto style'
7. Once that milk is mostly absorbed + the mixture is creamy, remove from heat + serve
8. I added a handful of arugula to top it for flavor + added nutrition

1 serving

You can just as easily make this creating in the microwave or with one pouring of the milk, I just love my risotto consistencies and had to give it a shot. I definitely recommend trying it this way if you haven't before. I would do the same when I make sweet oatmeals.
**All spices are to taste, because the recipe portion is so small I only added a sprinkling of each. Feel free to experiment and add as you see fit.