28 March 2014

Veggie Risotto

This dish was a concoction made up based on what veggies I had lying around the house. I was in the mood for something warm simple and flavorful, what I got did just that. Another victory for the lazy chef!

1. In a pot bring bring water + rice to a boil
2. Reduce heat + simmer, Add tomatoes, Set timer for 20 minutes
3. When timer goes off, stir the rice mixture, add 1/4 cup of water, add carrots, celery, spices, + garlic, set timer for 15 minutes.
4. At 15 minutes, stir the mixture, add water + oil as needed, set timer for another 15 minutes
-- rice should not be sticking, if it is add both water + oil
-- the mixture should still have liquid in the pot, not like soup but enough to cover 1/2 of the mixture
5. When the buzzer goes off stir the mixture again, at this time I would add a bit more oil + spices to taste. 
-- If you have parmesan around your house it would make a great addition and it is best added while mixture is still in the pot. For a creamier consistency add a scoop of butter too.
-- I added some of my basil pest
6. Plate, top with chickpeas (for added protein)

Yield: 1 meal

Choose a medium sized pot, because although there is not a ton of rice, when you add veggies + stir the mixture often it will be easier.
Risotto is one of my favorite things because, as the lazy chef, its easy uses few dishes and is very flavorful. I only dirtied the pot + my plate, we were able to cut down on dishes since everything was cooked in the same pot.