03 March 2014

CA | We Be Growin'


California is known for many things. Sunshine. Movie Stars. Medical Marijuana. Oh and of course it's agriculture. Which is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. We here in Cali have got some of the finest agriculture and we actually produce "...nearly half of US-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. Across the nation, US consumers regularly purchase several crops produced solely in California." (CA Ag. Production Stats) Pretty damn impressive right?! As I am a very proud Californian, I wanted to share with you exactly what produce comes from Cali, but more specifically I wanted to share with you what produce is currently in it's peak season here in the sunshine state. I should mention you can get most of our produce during other times of the year, but I wanted to focus on produce that's in it's peak season.  

How am I going to do this you ask?

Well the plan is to break the produce that's in season down into the months. Each month I will share with you what produce is currently in it's peak season, as well as...now wait this is the fun part...RECIPES that include the specific produce! I thought this would be such a fun way for you to see what Cali has to offer + you get to enjoy it with a recipe! :) Some months of course will have overlapping produce but I'm going to keep it interesting by offering you a variety of different recipes for you to incorporate the produce into. From sweet to savory you'll be sure to find all kinds of good stuff right here on BSOM!

I've got some work ahead of me so I better get goin! But I wanted to leave you with a list of this month's produce so you'll have an idea of what's to come! Here we go!! :)


Cali's MARCH
 Peak Season Produce
* Asparagus
* Avocado
* Navel Oranges
* Strawberries

I hope you're as excited about this as I am!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

P.S. I got my info for what's in season  here.
P.P.S. I am already kicking around some ideas for recipes I'd like to make using the above produce, but I wanted to ask you...

What sort of recipes would you like to see that incorporate the above produce?!
I am currently taking suggestions! Comment below or shoot me over an email to: bicoastalstateofmind@gmail.com :)