08 March 2014

Urban State of Mind | Stephanie's Seattle

Up until now our blogorations (blog collaborations for those of you new to BSOM) have all been art related. But I'm super stoked to present our very first Urban blogoration featuring a long time friend of Nelli and I's. Here's her story and Seattle through her eyes...

Meet Stephanie
BSOM: Where are you originally from, and why did you move to Seattle? 

Stephanie: I was born in Fresno, CA and grew up in Northern California. I spent most of my life  in Galt, CA. Lets just say there were two stoplights when I moved to Galt. Very small town, more cows than people! I moved to Sacramento, which is about 30 min North of Galt after I turned 21 . I lived there for 6 years (where Noonie, Nelli and I rekindled our friendships), went to college and decided I needed a change! I had lived around the same area most of my life and thought it was a great time to pick up my whole life and move to Seattle! No kids, not married, nothing to worry about but me. The best thing I ever did!

A view of Herald, CA

BSOM: How long have you lived there? 

Stephanie: I have lived in Seattle since July 1st,  2011. So I've been here almost three years in just a few months! 

View from West Seattle

BSOM: How long do you plan on staying in Seattle? 

Stephanie: I think that this is a great time to be in Seattle. I see myself getting married soon and buying a condo. There are so many opportunities right now so its hard to say! I would love to raise my children in California so we will see! 

BSOM: What's the biggest difference about where you're originally from and Seattle? 

Stephanie: The hustle and bustle. Galt is a very sleepy town, not much going on after 9:00 PM. Not to say that is bad! I love Galt! 

BSOM: What do you most enjoy about living in Seattle? 

Stephanie: The food here is amazing. So many different restaurants to choose from. There are constantly new and creative places popping up. When I have friends and family visit, taking them to the best restaurants is one of the things I love to do. Since it rains so much here we tend to take solace in food and drink!

BSOM: Best experience you've had so far living there? 

Stephanie: I know this is cheesy but meeting my boyfriend!

Steph + her boo Larry <3

BSOM: What negatives (if any) are there to living in Seattle? 

Stephanie: The grey skies can really get to a Californian. You just kind of have to think of the rain as beautiful and take a lot of Vitamin D. The Summers here last about 3-4 months and I'll tell you, they are glorious. The Summers here make the rainy days worth it. 

BSOM: One piece of advice you'd give someone who was  moving  there? 

Stephanie: I would study the transit system as much as possible! Coming from a small town I had never taken public transportation. I chose to leave my car in California and be without a car. It has worked out thus far. One bus away and Google maps have saved my life. 

BSOM: What was the biggest change (if any) you've had to make in order to adapt to living in the"Rainy City" ? 

Stephanie: Not having a car. That was the biggest adjustment. I now have to plan my trips, instead of just hopping in a car and putting in an address into the GPS. Luckily when I first moved here my roommate had a car so I was able to use that when needed. Typically I take the bus and I walk. In the evening on the weekends I'll use the car service Uber to get around if I'm going to dinner or out with friends. It's a safe, inexpensive way to get around the city. My boyfriend also owns a car so I am able to use that when needed. 

BSOM: Favorite "locals only" hang out? 

Stephanie: I think the speakeasies around Seattle are something that only the locals know about. Bathtub Gin Company is off of an alley in Belltown.

BSOM: Any local artists/street art you recommend we check out? 

Stephanie: I haven't really delved into the Seattle art movement. I think its time that I do!

BSOM: Favorite restaurant and coffee shop in your area? 

Stephanie: Choosing a favorite restaurant is nearly impossible! So I'll tell you my favorite brunch spot, lunch spot and dinner spot. The best brunch is Toulouse Petit in Queen Anne. Their Cajun bloody Mary's is of the best in Seattle. Their food consists of creole creations.  

Best lunch is Paseo's which is a Cuban cash only place. Their pork sandwich was voted the best in Seattle. My favorite dinner spot right now is Bastille in Ballard. Their food and drinks are fantastic. Their food is French and the atmosphere is amazing. 

Lotsa good eats in Seattle!

Beignets from Toulouse Petit

Bastille in Ballard

BSOM: Favorite "day trip spot" that's in you area?

 Stephanie: Any of the islands you can get to by ferry. Bainbridge is a nice little day trip. You can drive or walk on to the ferry. The island has a small town feel with little restaurants and shops.

BSOM: If someone only had one day to experience Seattle what would you recommend they see/do? 

Stephanie: I think that is is important to get a view from the city from all angles. When I first moved here my friends took me directly to Kerry Park. The view of the city from this vantage point is gorgeous. You are able to see Mt. Rainer if you are lucky. 

Breath taking ain't it? 
View from Kerry Park by Steph's friend Haleigh

I also recommend seeing the skyline from West Seattle. Luckily Seattle itself is pretty small. It is very easy to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. I would also recommend going to the market and experiencing that during the day. 

The infamous Pike Place Market

 BIG thanks and shout out to Stephanie for her contribution to this blog!!
Love ya rooommayy!! <3

Until next time friends...Cheers!!! 

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