10 March 2014

Noonie |Owns the Universe|

I found a blog a few weeks ago, and it instantly jumped onto the 'blog love' page. I'm just really drawn to the author's style of writing, and the whole idea of the blog is lovely. Okay I'll stop draggin' ya long along now, it's called When You Own the Universe. The concept behind the blog is that the author records little moments/memories of her days, so that they all don't just blend into one, as days tend to do, if that makes sense. At least that's what I picked up, and I adore it. I highly suggest you go check out this blog, as it's just so lovely and all about smelling the roses. I fancied the idea behind this blog so much that I have been inspired to want to record some of my own day to day happy happenings, and so here we are, the first of many to come. 

The river looked so serene today, slowly flowing past each other. I can see it now. A rain storm had just passed the day before, and everything was so green around me. Bursting with color. As I watched the river go by I imagined how nice it would be to ride it's current. At one point I could see the city through the trees along the river. Quite the sight. Then there was the city for a minute, and back to the cuts again. This time green luscious fields welcomed me in, and that infamous old water tower that I've admired ever since I can remember. It's the little things that count.

P.S. For my own record, the date above the passage is the day I'm referring to.