21 September 2013

(Sneaky) Frozen Treats

As you can tell from my Brooklyn Ice Cream post, I am a big fan of ice cream & other frozen desserts.
In an attempt to be healthier, save money, and eat less dairy, I have been freezing some of my favorite fruits to use in replacement of ice cream.

As you can see in the photo I have been freezing banana, grapes, blueberries, and watermelon.
The art of freezing fruit can be tricky, some of the fruit I've frozen does better than others. For instance, grapes are the easiest things to freeze and have a good texture when frozen. They are like eating baby popsicle and because of their skin they do not stick together. Blueberries are also pretty good because of the shape and their skin types they don't stick together too much. Banana I originally froze on a flat plate, then transferred into this container once frozen (this way they don't stick together), also the bananas are delicious with some fresh peanut butter spread on them frozen and creamy, delicious!
So far two fruit that I wouldn't recommend freezing (to eat as a frozen treat) are the watermelon and kiwi. I say this because both of them stick to one another, and the texture once frozen are harder and less enjoyable. However, if you want to freeze them to preserve them for a later date, thats a different story.
Another option for frozen watermelon is this 'frozen watermelon cake' consisting of 3 ingredients: watermelon, greek yogurt, and almonds.

Hope these frozen treat ideas are helpful.