14 September 2013

For the Love of Antiques!

Antique Make Up Compact
One of my favorite pieces.

As you may be able to tell from my last blog, I'm pretty intrigued by history and everything that goes along with it such as antiques! My mom has always collected antiques here and there, but I never could appreciate it until now. Collecting antiques is a some what new hobby of mine, and I'm planning on using the antique pieces I do have to decorate my guest room.

Elgin American Compact
Did some research and I believe this is from the 1940s

Vintage Revlon Lipsticks
Back when they were made of metal

Antique Jewelry Box
Under lock & key

What intrigues me so much about antiques is all of the history tied to them. Who owned them before? What kind of life did they have? These are just a few questions that  run through my mind when I see a cool antique piece. Not only do I enjoy antique pieces but I also enjoy antique photos, but we'll save that subject for another time.

Antique toiletry container
One of my favorites

Classic First Aid Items, Old deck of mini playing cards,
vintage wristwatch

Whenever I get a chance I like to go check out my local antique shops, or better yet when I'm traveling. I sure love to bring home a new piece from vacation. Just the fact that it is an antique and it's from a different area fuels my love for out of town antiquing.

Back when soda was bottled in glass &
contained actual sugar

My bf's Great Grandpa's Lunch Box

A few months back my boyfriend and I helped his grandma clean out his great grandma's house up in Camino aka Apple Hill. There was quite a lot of items to go through, and we spent hours up there finding all kinds of little family treasures including a photo album which contained numerous family photos. My boyfriend's grandma didn't even know the album existed so it was quite the find! My boyfriend's grandma told us we could take whatever we wanted, and boy did we luck out!

We found all kinds of neat antiques and I wanted to share a few. :)


A young Pillsbury Dough Boy

Vintage Iron
This thing weighs a ton!
Talk about a work out just from ironing

Right up my alley!
Vintage oil paint set

Good ol' Elvis

Beautiful bench that was in my bf's
Great Grandma's room for years