10 September 2013

Brooklyn Ice Cream!

I don't think there is a word to describe my love affair with ice cream.

When I was younger I would eat a gallon of ice cream for dinner at least 2 times a week, why my mother allowed that? Well now, thats another story, but I loved her for it! At that time my favorite was Mocha Almond Fudge, and while I do still love that flavor my taste-buds have changed as has my desire to improve the quality of product I eat as well as keeping the ingredients as close to 'all natural' as possible.
In my hunt for ice cream I have come across a handful of local brands who share my desire for all natural whole food products, and often in small batches so every batch is slightly different but equally delectable!

My first (and probably favorite) finding was Steve's Ice Cream. I found this bundle of joy because my roommate loves their 'Brooklyn Blackout' flavor. I read the ingredients and had to try one for myself. My first purchase was the Bourbon Vanilla, and Oh My was it delicious! I finished the pint that day (I'm down from finishing a gallon to finishing a pint).  The flavor is so intense its amazing how they got so much flavor in such a small container, you would think someone poured bourbon right over your ice cream. Since Bourbon Vanilla, I've been hooked. I've tried as many varieties as my local store stocks, and now have ventured to other neighborhoods to buy the little guys. Today, I walked into Whole Foods only planning to purchase their fresh honey-nut peanut butter, and ended up spending way too much money and taking home 2 of Steve's little gems. My first instinct was to get the Lemon Sorbet infused with Rosemary, but, what I took home were 2 other flavors: Sweet Corn & Blackberry and Scotch Chocolate, both of which are light and fluffy and delicious as always!

Brooklyn Original!
1 and you're hooked!

Small batch makes all the difference.

My second find was Uncle Louie G's, I found this while I was at a birthday party early this summer. We were at the bar drinking, followed by some mexican food, and topped it off with some ice cream. I couldn't tell you the last time I purchased ice cream from an actual ice cream shop but Uncle Louie G's was yummy! I had seen it around brooklyn before but I was never in the mood for it previously. Uncle Louie G's has more traditional flavors, and what you (or at least I) would be looking for in an ice cream shop. Great quality and childhood memories! 

Rocky Road + Chocolate Peanut-butter

I found Phin & Phebes at my local store because they were sold out of the Steve's flavor I was interested in that particular day, and boy did I luck out! While some of their flavors are a bit odd for my tastes, the ones that I like I really like! The Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel combines 3 of my favorite things and was out of this world! Next up I want to try their Banana Whama & Peanuty Pretzel!

Local + Amazing