13 September 2013

Skin Art

Maud "Bad Ass" Wagner

I love all kinds of art. Especially the kind that goes on your skin! I got my first tattoo when I was 18, another when I was 19, and the last one when I was 23. It's been a couples years since I've gotten my last tattoo and I've been itchin' to get a new one. I plan on getting an anchor tattoo near my ankle for my next piece of work.

Tattooing has been around for ages now, and I feel like it's becoming more widely accepted. I saw an old photo online the other day that really caught my attention, and got me thinking about the history of tattooing. The old black and white photo that initially got my attention was that of a woman in her 20s or so completely tattooed. I had never seen an old photo like that of someone so tattooed, and what really got my goat was that it was a woman!

My tattoos

I will admit I'm kind of a feminist, always have been. Guess you could say "I got it from my momma". Ha. So you can see why the photo of this tattooed woman got me excited! I decided to do a little more research on this lady, whose name I came to find out was Maud Wagner.

Maud Stevens (her maiden name) met Gus Wagner in 1904. I read that she agreed to go on a date with him if he agreed to give her a tattoo, and from there it was history in the making. The two traveled around together as part of a circus act, as tattoos were super rare back then. Gus eventually taught Maud how to tattoo using the "hand poke" method, which made her one of the first women tattoo artists in America! Talk about a bad ass!

The Wagner's' Circus Act Poster

Just wanted to share a little history on something I adore :)

Happy Friday! Cheers!