11 September 2013

Art Experiments

Went a little crazy at the Dollar store yesterday. I've been on the prowl for some new art projects to keep me busy and found a ton on Pinterest! Now I'm all stocked up with ideas & supplies so be on the look out! I messed around with one of the ideas yesterday and I'm pretty happy with the results. Pretty simple really, I just used a white crayon to draw and design the elephant and simply filled in the paper areas with water colors. Had a good time making this piece, I think I may frame it and try to sell it.

Medium: Crayon & Water Colors

Speaking of selling, I sold my first painting the other day which was awesome! Such a great feeling as an artist. I plan on creating an Etsy account to sell my other works of art, although I haven't figured out the shipping part yet. Will keep you posted.

Until next time..Cheers!